Lukoil Bulgaria Bunker resumes physical operations in Romania

Supplier offering RMG 380 and MGO in Constantza and nearby areas.

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Updated on 02 Feb 2018 13:01 GMT

Lukoil Bulgaria Bunker has confirmed that it has resumed physical supply operations at the Romanian port of Constantza and nearby areas.

Speaking to Bunker Index, bunker manager Roza Dimitrova explained that the supply vessel Aginskoye performed its first delivery in Constantza last week, on January 26.

The tanker is currently set up to supply RMG 380 and marine gas oil (MGO). It is able to store up to 1,800 metric tonnes of fuel oil, while its distillate capacity is 270 metric tonnes.

In addition to Constantza, the Aginskoye is also able to carry out deliveries in Midia and Mangalia.

Lukoil Bulgaria Bunker operates three bunker tankers altogether, with the Navi (formerly Unicom Energy) and the Neftyanik being used for operations in Bulgarian ports and delivery points.

The supplier provides bunkering services in Varna and Bourgas and at the main Danube river locations of Rousse, Vidin and Danube 61st mile.