Fuel-saving hybrid patrol vessel launched in Rotterdam

Vessel is said to be 'much more efficient' than the port authority's other vessels, using 'considerably less fuel'.

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Updated on 23 Jan 2018 10:12 GMT

Port of Rotterdam Authority put its new hybrid patrol vessel into operation last week, on January 18.

The RPA 8 is 25 metres long and can run on both diesel and diesel-electric. It replaces the RPA 3, which has reached the end of its technical and economic service life.

Built by Kooiman Group in Zwijndrecht, Port of Rotterdam Authority says the RPA 8 is "much more efficient" than its other vessels, using "considerably less fuel".

The hybrid propulsion system is designed to enable efficient patrolling at low speeds and reduce the number of hours the diesel engines need to run at low load operation.

Its special wing profile underwater is said to result in reduced vessel wake, which is better for quay walls and other vessels as well as for fuel consumption.

The hull is constructed from aluminium, three times as light as steel, which also lowers bunker consumption.

"All these innovations result in the RPA 8 saving the same amount of energy as 65 households consume in one year. This also reduces the vessel's CO2 emissions. The level of reduced emissions is calculated to be equivalent to saving the annual planting of approximately 8,000 trees," said harbour master Rene de Vries.

"Commissioning this vessel is in keeping with the policy of stimulating sustainable sailing and setting an example as Port Authority," de Vries added.

Port of Rotterdam Authority says that many innovations installed aboard the RPA 8 will also be used on the vessels RPA 13, RPA 12, RPA 11, RPA 10 and RPA 16. RPA 11 and 12 will also be hybrid vessels.