'Record volumes' sold in Kaliningrad

Quantities as high as 6,000 metric tonnes being delivered by Kaliningrad supplier at outer anchorage.

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Updated on 19 Feb 2016 10:13 GMT

Lukoil-Bunker LLC says that it as supplied "record volumes" of fuel to large-capacity vessels at the outer anchorage of the port of Kaliningrad.

Three of the company's vessels - Tarnika, VF-6 and Arktika - are said to have supplied the high volumes, with quantities as high as 6,000 metric tonnes being delivered.

So-called 'bunkers only' deliveries are available at the port's outer anchorage for vessels that are not able to enter the port of Kaliningrad due to draught restrictions.

Lukoil's Kaliningrad office is managed by Vladislav Rodin. In addition to Kaliningrad, the operation is also responsible for deliveries in Svetly and Baltiysk.

Lukoil-Bunker LLC specializes primarily in the supply of marine fuel at sea and river ports of Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. It is a subsidiary of Russian oil company Lukoil.

Please find the contact details of Lukoil-Bunker's office in Kaliningrad below.

Lukoil-Bunker LLC, Kaliningrad
Phone: +7 4012 972 000
Fax: +7 4012 972 000
Email: Kaliningrad@lukoil-bunker.com

Telmann Street, 48 B
236008 Kaliningrad