Eniram announces partnerships in Korea

Finnish firm says deals are focused on extending the company's fuel-saving technology and analytic solutions.

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Updated on 05 Dec 2012 12:02 GMT

Eniram Limited, the Finnish provider of energy management technology to the shipping industry, has announced partnerships with Korean companies Hyundai e-Marine, a leading provider of onboard electronic systems, and World Ocean, an experienced agent representing a number of leading international brands in the Korean maritime sector.

Eniram said the partnerships were focused on extending the company's fuel-saving technology and real-time analytic solutions to a wider network of customers in Korea, one of the biggest shipbuilding nations and fleet owners in Asia and globally.

"In today’s difficult global climate, the ability to accurately measure vessel performance and apply real-time data to operational decision making is critical to achieve fuel efficiencies and meet environmental regulations. Eniram’s impressive market leadership in delivering energy management solutions such as dynamic trimming and speed optimization for newbuilds and existing fleets, combined with the local expertise of the chosen distribution partners, offers the Korean shipping community an excellent route to achieving proven vessel efficiencies," Eniram commented.

Mr. Philip Padfield, CEO of Eniram, said: "We are very pleased to be able to bring our range of real-time energy management solutions to the Korean maritime industry through our new partners, whose commitment to high quality customer satisfaction matches our own. These new partnerships with Hyundai e-Marine and World Ocean, local centers of maritime excellence, present a perfect opportunity to further our commitment to supporting clients looking to introduce energy saving solutions into their shipping operations to achieve greater cost control.”

Dr. JJ Ung Gyu Kim, CEO Hyundai e-Marine, said: “We are delighted that Eniram has chosen the client-reach and shipping expertise of Hyundai e-Marine to help the company grow its business among shipbuilders and operators in Korea. I believe that Eniram’s solutions are the best fit for our slogan ‘e-navigation & smartship pioneer’ and that they are able to provide cost-effective navigation to our customers.”

Mr. Sung Hwan Kim of World Ocean said: "With nearly 30 years of experience delivering a wide range of maritime applications and a clear industry focus which is in line with Eniram’s target market, we are delighted to add Eniram’s market leading applications to our portfolio of expertise. The partnership with World Ocean opens up new opportunities and channels for Eniram."

Image: Eniram's Dynamic Trimming Assistant (DTA).