New bunker supply operation in Jamaica

Supplier offering a full range of fuel grades with delivery around the island of Jamaica.

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Updated on 15 Mar 2012 13:41 GMT

Kingston-based Petrotec Marine Petroleum Ltd. (Petrotec) has announced the launch of its new bunker supply operation in Jamaica.

In a statement, Petrotec said its primary target is to sell marine fuels in Jamaican waters. The company will be supplying 380-centistoke (cst) intermediate fuel oil and marine gas oil (MGO). Other grades such as 180-cst, 120-cst, 60-cst and 30-cst are also available on request.

Marine Services Ltd, under contract to Petrotec, has assigned one newbuild double hull tanker of 4114 dwt, which will carry out bunker deliveries in Kingston Harbour, Kingston outer anchorage and in virtually any navigable port around the island of Jamaica.

Petrotec Bunkering (JA) Ltd. is the local company in Jamaica assigned to control and monitor the bunkering operation around the entire island.

Other services offered by the new bunker supply venture are:

* Removal of ship's sludge on advance request.
* Supply of fresh water on advance request.

Contact details for Petrotec have been provided below.

Phone: +1 876 618 2001
Phone: +1 876 618 2002
Fax: +1 876 978 3801

Office address:
88 Barbican Road
Barbican Business Center Unit 20
Kingston 6