ABB upgrades bunker-saving propulsion monitoring software

XPERT is said to deliver accurate advice to help lower fuel costs.

ABB's performance evaluation software, Tekomar XPERT, has been upgraded to offer faster access to data for enhanced fleet performance. Image credit: ABB

Updated on 05 Jun 2018 10:54 GMT

ABB reports that it has upgraded its propulsion performance monitoring software Tekomar XPERT to offer faster access to data that enables enhanced fleet performance.

By evaluating deviations and quantifying potential fuel oil savings, XPERT is said to deliver accurate advice that mitigates high fuel costs and reduces the environmental footprint.

XPERT analyzes the performance of any two-stroke diesel main engine, auxiliary engine or turbocharger for whatever configuration is found on a vessel. Advanced diagnostics, combined with intelligence, are designed to allow ship operators to immediately focus on fixing potential problems, rather than initially spending several hours analyzing them.

The upgrade of XPERT, already used by over 1,000 ships, includes a new interface with essential information in an intuitive display.

With the new overview screen, ABB says a fleet operator can instantly get a sense of priority actions required across a fleet.

The software's connectivity is also said to be a key benefit, with a land-based fleet manager able to respond immediately based on smart insights. It also provides a platform for engine licensors and builders to cooperate.

Beat Guttinger, Head of Tekomar for ABB Turbocharging, observed: "With this new upgrade, Tekomar XPERT offers marine customers an instant overview of their entire fleet. Whether an operator oversees five ships or many more across an international fleet, the benefits are evident. Customers can quickly pinpoint vital data, such as vessel reporting activity and savings potential, and select criteria including engine and ship type to filter results. This saves time and money by making it faster and more convenient for customers to identify and analyse essential data for optimal performance monitoring."

Tekomar XPERT was incorporated into ABB's digital portfolio in 2017. ABB's performance monitoring of ship propulsion falls under the ABB Ability umbrella, which is ABB's unified, cross-industry offering for its digital products and services.