Crowley loads first cargo from plant used to supply LNG-powered ConRo ships

11,000 gallons of LNG loaded from Maxville liquefaction facility.

Crowley truck at Eagle LNG's liquefaction facility in Maxville, Florida. Image credit: Crowley / Eagle LNG Partners

Updated on 29 Mar 2018 09:26 GMT

Crowley Maritime Corporation reports that it has successfully executed the first loading of nearly 11,000 gallons of LNG into an ISO tank container at the new Eagle LNG Partners liquefaction facility in Maxville, Florida.

The LNG was loaded into the ISO container and delivered to the Port of Jacksonville for ocean transport to support customers in Puerto Rico.

"With the successful LNG tank container loading at the Eagle LNG Partners' Maxville Facility, Crowley can offer even more flexible services and sourcing locations to supply customers with LNG as a cleaner, safer fuel source. The new plant location means LNG can be easily produced and transported to the port all within the Jacksonville area," said Crowley's Matt Jackson, vice president, LNG.

LNG from Eagle LNG's new plant will also be used to power Crowley's two new Commitment Class, combination container/roll-on roll-off 'ConRo' ships, El Coqui and Taino, for the U.S. mainland to Puerto Rico trade.

The Maxville facility offers a production capacity of 200,000 gallons per day (87,000 gallons per day initially) and features a one million-gallon storage tank and an LNG truck-loading system.

To support the refuelling of ships, Eagle LNG and Crowley have also constructed a dockside LNG fuel depot on Crowley-leased property at the Talleyrand Marine Terminal on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville.

The marine terminal was engineered to feature a compact footprint specifically for ship bunkering operations. It has a storage capacity of more than 500,000 gallons comprising two tanks, with each tank holding 1,000 cubic meters (approximately 265,000 gallons).