World Fuel Services launches physical supply operation in Tampa

Fuel oil and diesel will be supplied from Port Manatee to ships in Tampa Bay.

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Updated on 01 Mar 2018 15:55 GMT

World Fuel Services (WFS) has announced a new physical marine fuel supply location in Tampa, Florida.

The NYSE-listed firm will be supplying fuel oil and marine diesel from Port Manatee to vessels in Tampa Bay.

Two dual-capacity tug and barge units will be used to service the area, with WFS teaming up with Vane Brothers - a specialist in the marine transportation of petroleum products.

Joe Gowen, SVP Global Marine Supply, said: "World Fuel Services continue to invest in selective physical supply locations. When selecting locations for WFS we carry out an intense risk assessment ensuring we are able to deliver the highest standards of service."

"Valued relationships and collaboration are key, and we will continue to invest where we can work with port authorities, first-class barge companies and our customers," Gowen added.