Algeciras receives first LNG bunker delivery in five years

Cement carrier supplied in Algeciras's second ever LNG bunkering operation.

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Updated on 12 Dec 2017 12:51 GMT

Spanish supplier Molgas Energia has performed the first LNG bunker delivery in more than five years at the Andalucian port of Algeciras.

Speaking to Bunker Index, Business Development Manager Alvaro Castilla confirmed that the dry cargo vessel MV Ireland was supplied with LNG on Sunday, December 10.

Castilla said two delivery trucks were used to carry out the delivery, with product being sourced from Enagas's regasification plant in Huelva.

Molgas received the order five days prior to the delivery date, Castilla noted.

The Molgas manager said Sunday's LNG bunker delivery was the second ever to be performed in Algeciras and that the port's only other supply had been around mid-2012, by Cepsa.

As Bunker Index previously reported, the 110-metre-long MV Ireland was the first vessel ever to be bunkered with LNG at the northern ports of Santander, on May 4, and Bilbao, on March 28. Both truck-to-ship deliveries were also organized by Molgas.

The Ireland and sister vessel Greenland are operated by JT Cement - a joint venture between Erik Thun AB and KG Jebsen Cement of Norway.