Izmit Bay: letters of protest after fuel oil spill

Vessel operators submit letters of protest concerning vessel cleaning and delays.

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Updated on 20 Jan 2017 12:38 GMT

Following last week's fuel oil spillage at one of the shore tanks of the Poliport Terminal in Izmit Bay, GAC reports that the Harbour Master has received letters of protest (LOPs) from ship operators concerning vessel cleaning and delays at berthing and departure.

In order to be able to evaluate LOPs, GAC says a letter from the terminal confirming delays must be provided, as well as detailed documentation on the cleaning of the vessel supported by photographic evidence and the Master's official statement declaring that the cleaning of the vessel was performed.

The fuel oil leakage, which took place on 12th January, led to shipping traffic being halted on 13th January. Traffic was then partially resumed at some terminals on 17th January, but restrictions have been in place in certain areas since then.

A local bunker supply source told Bunker Index on Friday that the situation was "90 percent back to normal", whilst adding that some vessels were "still stuck there waiting for cleaning".