Antwerp oil terminal project update

Latest developments in the construction of the new Antwerp terminal, which will also be used for the refuelling of ships.

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Updated on 16 Feb 2010 07:44 GMT

Ukrainian Steel pipe and railway wheels producer Interpipe Corporation has announced that it has supplied pipes for the construction of the new oil terminal in the port of Antwerp.

The new Antwerp terminal will be used for the bunkering of ships, storage of mineral oil, oil servicing of ships and oil-loading fleet replenishment of tankers.

The welded pipes supplied by Interpipe range in size from 406.4 mm to * 9.5 mm. The volume of pipes supplied amounts to 2,000 tons. The pipes have been produced according to the client’s specific requirements, which include a bead-blasting treatment of pipes for surface condition SA 2.5. and a corrosion-resistant epoxy coating.

Vera Smal, Director of the Industrial Application Division at Interpipe said: “The construction of the oil terminal in Antwerp is a large scale project and we are delighted that Interpipe has been chosen to participate.

"Our company has been working on the European market for many years and has experience of working on European infrastructure projects. We provide a wide range of products for industrial and civil construction.”