Date set for Aegean final basis motions to be heard

US court to hear motions on December 4.

Image credit: Pixabay

Updated on 16 Nov 2018 09:21 GMT

The US court handling the bankruptcy case involving marine fuel and lubricants specialist Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc has confirmed that it will hear a number of motions on a final basis on December 4.

The list of motions for entry of interim and final orders has been provided below.

1. Cash Management Motion

Aegean seeks approval to operate its cash management system, maintain existing bank accounts and continue to perform intercompany transactions. The motion was previously approved on an interim basis.

2. Hedging Motion

Aegean aims to get the court's consent to continue pre-petition hedging practices, commence post-petition hedging practices, grant superpriority claims on account of the post-petition hedging obligations, pay pre-petition hedging obligations and grant related relief.

3. Insurance Motion

Aegean aims to get the court's permission to continue pre-petition insurance coverage and surety bonds; renew and enter into new insurance policies and surety bonds; and continue to pay brokerage fees.

4. Taxes Motion

Aegean seeks authorization to pay certain taxes and fees.

5. Wages Motion

At a previous hearing on November 8, Aegean was authorized, on an interim basis, to pay an amount not exceeding $4.75m to cover compensation and withholding obligations (including $3.75m in unpaid wages); benefits and entitlements; and other employee benefits;

6. Vendor Motion

Aegean was previously given the go-ahead, on a provisional basis, to pay foreign claims up to $3m; lien claims up to $4.3m; 503(b) claims up to $11.1m; and HSE and other claims in the ordinary course of business.

7. Creditor Matrix Motion

Aegean seeks authorization to file a consolidated list of its creditors - instead of filing separate mailing matrices and creditor lists for each debtor business, and also wants to file a consolidated list of its largest 30 unsecured creditors.

Additionally, the court noted that it could also hear the Utilities Motion either on December 4 or at a future date.

In the Utilities Motion, Aegean is seeking an order to approve its proposed assurance of payment for utility services; and it also aims to prohibit utility providers from altering, refusing, or discontinuing services.

Objections, if any, to the motions must be served on or before November 27.