Energy Petrol reports 10% sales growth in 2017

Supplier sold 410,000 tonnes last year and is now focused on preparing for 2020.

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Updated on 09 Jan 2018 09:48 GMT

Turkish bunker supplier Energy Petrol Shipping Trade Industry Inc reports that it achieved a 10 percent increase in sales volume last year.

Sales director Deniz Muhtaroglu told Bunker Index on Tuesday that the company supplied 410,000 tonnes of marine fuel to 2,350 ships in 2017 - compared to the 370,000 tonnes sold the previous year.

Since Muhtaroglu joined the family business in 2014, when total sales were 267,000 tonnes, sales have jumped more than 50 percent in just three years.

Furthermore, Muhtaroglu stresses that the results were achieved "without significant quality, quantity claims and delays".

"Quality and service always have priority for us and we improved our perfect records with 2017 results reaching over 30,000 ships supplied so far without any serious claims," the sales director said, referring to the number of vessels the company has delivered bunkers to since it was established in 1997.

In this regard, Muhtaroglu noted that an "ideal" scenario for the firm could be for it not to experience further growth in the run up to the implementation of the global sulphur cap in 2020, so that it is able to adequately prepare for the changes with the "same quality concern approach".

"We provide a quality chain to our clients", Muhtaroglu remarked, explaining that the company always sources its fuel oil from the same refinery, transports product using its own tankers, stores fuel grades in the same tanks without mixing, and performs deliveries using its own barge fleet.

The supplier also emphasized that it has "very healthy financials", operating without any bank credit lines.

Energy Petrol is a privately owned business currently performing deliveries at 27 Turkish ports using 12 company-owned barges ranging in size between 208 deadweight tonnes (dwt) and 3,659 dwt.