Boxships top bunker consumption ranking: report

Container ships, bulkers, and oil tankers accounted for around 62% of global bunker consumption in 2015, report says.

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Updated on 05 Jan 2018 15:10 GMT

Container ships, bulk carriers, and oil tankers accounted for around 62 percent of global bunker consumption and 49 percent of distance travelled in 2015 despite making up only 30 percent of the global fleet, a report published by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) says.

According to the document, approximately 5,000 container ships made up around 7 percent of the global fleet in 2015, yet consumed the most fuel (25 percent) and energy (26 percent) of any ship class.

Bulk carriers represented 15 percent of the industry's fleet with 10,572 ships, and used 21 percent of shipping's fuel and energy, whilst 5,733 oil tankers made up 8 percent of the world's vessels, consuming 15 percent of its fuel and 14 percent of its energy.

Also making up the top five were chemical tankers and general cargo vessels, with the former representing 6 percent of the world's ships and 7 percent of its bunker and energy use, and the latter making up 13 percent of all vessels and 6 percent of fuel and energy consumption.

Liquefied gas tankers ranked sixth out of 22 ship classes in terms of fuel consumption (5 percent) and energy use (6 percent) - despite making up a small proportion of the fleet in terms of number (2 percent).

While cruise ships were said to represent 1 percent of the world fleet, fuel and energy consumption was calculated to be 4 percent.

Fishing vessels represented 10 percent of the world fleet, accounted for 9 percent of ship operating hours and 7 percent of distance travelled, but were deemed to have been responsible for only 2 percent of fuel consumption and 1 percent of energy use due to the relatively small size of their engines. A similar pattern was observed for tugs and other service vessels.