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ExxonMobil starts EMF.5 fuel deliveries in France, Italy and Thailand

Ports join Antwerp, Rotterdam, Singapore and Zeebrugge as locations where 0.5% fuels are now available.

Image credit: ExxonMobil

Updated on 19 Dec 2019 16:51 GMT

ExxonMobil has confirmed that it has commenced deliveries of its EMF.5 fuels in Fos/Marseille, Genoa and Laem Chabang (Thailand).

The newly added ports join Rotterdam, Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Singapore as locations where 0.5 percent sulphur fuels are now available.

ExxonMobil's EMF.5 branded range of marine fuels are specifically formulated to comply with the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) 2020 global sulphur cap. They are also engineered to be compatible with each other, provided that bunkering, storage and handling best practice guidance is followed.

The supplier stresses that all the fuels in the range have been specifically engineered to help vessel operators comply with the 2020 regulations without compromising on quality.

ExxonMobil noted: "In addition to meeting the ISO 8217-2017 specification, EMF.5 fuels have also passed ExxonMobil's rigorous fit-for-use assessments, allowing customers to bunker the high quality, compliant options they need ahead of the IMO 2020 deadline.

"This combination of characteristics will help ensure that vessel operators can continue to operate their main engines, auxiliary engines and boilers safely and efficiently when they switch to 0.50 percent sulphur fuels, as the negative, operational and financial consequences of a major product quality problem could be very significant."


All ExxonMobil's 0.50 percent sulphur fuels developed to date are residual. The specifications are said to range from RMD 80 to RMG 380, with a density of between 900 and 970 at 15 degrees Celsius, whilst meeting specification levels set out in ISO 8217:2017.

In terms of catalytic fine (cat fine) content, the bunker supplier notes that the levels also meet those set out in the latest ISO 8217:2017 standard.

In ISO 8217:2017, the maximum permissible level of cat fines, measured as aluminium + silicon (al+si), is 60 mg/kg for RMG 180 and RMG 380, whilst for RMD 80 and RME 180 it is 40 and 50 mg/kg, respectively.

Mobilgard 540

ExxonMobil has also developed a newly formulated 40BN cylinder oil, Mobilgard 540, which is specifically designed to work with low-sulphur fuels and for vessels operating in 0.1 percent Emission Control Areas (ECAs).

The new lubricant, which replaces Mobilgard 525, is to be made available across the company's global port network and via its distribution network.

ExxonMobil completes trial of its first bio fuel oil

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