Two more registries approve e-Orb Oil Record Book software

Malta and Hong Kong endorse use throughout their fleets for the recording of Oil Record Book entries.

Image credit: Pixabay CC0

Updated on 21 May 2018 14:17 GMT

Prevention at Sea (PaSea) has announced that two more maritime registries, Malta and Hong Kong, have recognised approved the use of its oil record book software throughout their fleets to help with the manual recording of Oil Record Book (ORB) entries.

Called the e-ORB, this software has been designed to aid the preparation and printing of the traditional ORB and comply with the IMO guidelines published in the last PPR5 for electronic record books (February 2018).

It is anticipated that electronic oil record book entries will replace the traditional paper ORB versions whenever MARPOL is amended, due to the more efficient process and reduced risk of errors occurring.

"The recent acceptance by the Malta and Hong Kong Ship Registries proves how well our e-ORB software has been accepted in the marketplace," said Petros Achtypis, CEO of Prevention at Sea.

"It now holds approval from key maritime registries with printouts of our e-ORB software officially accepted for review by major safety agencies worldwide, such as the AMSA. This speeds up oil record book recording for vessels and reduces the risk of errors which can lead to possible detentions and huge fines," Achtypis added.

Prevention at Sea is due to exhibit next month at the Posidonia Exhibition on Stand 3221 (Hall 3) with live demonstrations of the e-ORB software.

The company says an announcement on the launch of new electronic log books is due to be released "soon".