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BUNKER INDEX :: Price Index, News and Directory Information for the Marine Fuel Industry
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Shell launches Alexia 140 to combat cold corrosion

Two-stroke cylinder oil now available at seven ports.

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Updated on 06 Nov 2017 11:52 GMT

Shell Marine has officially launched its two-stroke engine cylinder oil Shell Alexia 140.

The launch follows receipt of a no objection letter (NOL) for commercial use of Shell Alexia 140 from MAN Diesel & Turbo, with the supplier also stating that two key customers have accepted Shell Alexia 140 into full-scale operations.

According to the energy major, Shell Alexia 140's high base number (BN) is designed to provide protection for the most modern efficient engines against cold corrosion issues and the means of optimising oil feed rates when fuel grades change. The cylinder oil is now available from the ports of Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Antwerp, Tanjung Pelepas, Busan and Salalah.

In Sepetmber 2016, Shell Alexia 140 was selected as a test oil for MAN Diesel & Turbo's automated cylinder oil mixing (ACOM) process, which, based on the optimal cylinder oil feed rate factor and fuel sulphur level in use, blends cylinder oil to the appropriate BN and calculates the lowest possible optimum feed rate.

Shell Alexia 140 joins Alexia S3 (BN25), Alexia S4 (BN 60), Alexia 50 (BN 70) and Alexia S6 (BN100), in a range covering fuel types from LNG to HSFO, operating regimes from full load to slow steaming, and engines of all ages.

"After 18 months of exhaustive laboratory testing and field trials, we are delighted to introduce Shell Alexia 140 formally to market," said Jan Toschka, Shell Marine Executive Director. "Its combined characteristics make it the right choice whether the owner wants to protect ultra-efficient engines against cold corrosion or optimise feed rates across vessel operating conditions."

"We welcome the always pioneering character of Shell Marine that resulted in this latest addition to its comprehensive range of two stroke engine cylinder oils," remarked Panos Deligiannis, Tankers Technical Manager at Neda Maritime Agency. "Protecting our engines is critical, and matching the right cylinder oil with vessel operating profile and engine specific requirements is a crucial parameter for ship/engine worthiness and efficient maintenance, whatever the fuel grade being burned."

Shell Lube Monitor

Shell Lube Monitor is the company's new cylinder condition monitoring service designed to run in tandem with the Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis (RLA) cylinder check.

It also incorporates the company's Marine Connect software, which was developed to enhance, simplify and accelerate data management and reporting.

Using operational data allows Shell's technical experts to pinpoint the correct balance between the lowest possible feed rate and wear rate in line with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations.

In addition to Shell Lube Monitor, Shell Marine offers a range of technical services programmes to help provide the means of understanding the root causes of high wear problems, whilst also enhancing knowledge and skill levels among crew members.

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