Time-charter agreement for LNG bunker supply vessel

7,500-cubic-metre vessel is to operate along the Baltic Sea coast.

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Updated on 12 Oct 2016 11:47 GMT

Hamburg-based Bomin Linde LNG GmbH & Co. KG on Tuesday confirmed that it has inked a time-charter contract with shipowner Bernhard Shulte for what is set to be the world's largest LNG bunker suppy vessel.

The 7,500-cubic-metre vessel is being chartered by a joint venture - established in November 2015 - in which Bomin Linde LNG has a 90 percent share in the business, and Klaipedos Nafta owns the remaining 10 percent.

The LNG bunker vessel is to be used to supply ships and small-scale LNG terminals along the Baltic Sea coast. For Klaipedos Nafta, operator of the Klaipeda Oil Terminal in Klaipeda, Lithuania, the vessel will be used to transport LNG to its onshore LNG reloading station.

Amongst the key features of the new vessel will be azimuth thrusters and pump jets to ensure high maneuverability. Frequency-driven pumps with high flow rates will allow for the fast transfer of LNG to vessels with short layovers. Offshore bunkering will be possible using DP2 technology.

Mahinde Abeynaike, chief executive officer of Bomin Linde LNG, remarked: "The share of LNG as a marine fuel will grow significantly in the Baltic Sea over the next few years. We intend to be at the front, leading the development. Signing this contract is an important milestone for Bomin Linde LNG and a big step forward for the maritime LNG market in the Baltic Sea region. For the first time shipowners and operators will have access to a complete LNG supply chain in the Baltic Sea region."

As announced by Bunker Index previously, in addition to the charter contract, Linde Group has acquired the shares of Bomin Linde LNG held by previous co-owner Marquard & Bahls.