'No further spillage' in Singapore

Vessel traffic in Singapore remains unaffected as containment and cleanup efforts continue.

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Updated on 10 Sep 2012 17:28 GMT

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has stated that there has been "no further spillage" of marine fuel from the vessel DL Salvia, which collided against the Hong Kong-registered bulk carrier Sunny Horizon on Sunday 9 September.

Efforts to contain and clean up the oil spill have continued today. As a precautionary measure, an oil boom has been deployed around the vessel. Bio-degradable oil dispersants were used yesterday and today to break up the oil slick in the waters. In total, 9 craft and more than 46 personnel have been deployed as part of the containment and cleanup efforts.

Some patches of treated oil were sighted today at the reclamation sites at the western part of Jurong Island and Tuas View Extension, and at a rock bund at Sultan Shoal. The MPA is working with JTC Corporation and the National Environment Agency on the land-based clean up efforts.

Vessel traffic in the port of Singapore and port operations remain unaffected, the MPA said.