Eniram updates fuel performance monitoring tool

SkyLight 3.0 now includes mobile notifications and virtual propeller RPM sensing.

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Updated on 08 Febl 2018 17:02 GMT

Eniram, a Wartsila company, has launched Eniram SkyLight 3.0 for fleet performance monitoring and is partnering with Concirrus to deliver sophisticated solutions for marine insurance underwriting based on accurate operational data.

Eniram SkyLight 3.0 is described as being a "significant update" to its subscription-based fleet performance monitoring service. The service now includes mobile notifications and virtual propeller RPM (revolutions per minute) sensing.

Eniram SkyLight 3.0 is a fuel performance monitoring solution for vessel owners, operators, or charterers wishing to optimize their vessels' operation while accurately tracking their fuel costs.

The service is designed to enable new data-driven business development opportunities across the marine sector, including flexible insurance solutions, maintenance monitoring, and vessel performance monitoring services.

The new feature sends notifications to mobile devices regarding speed over ground, speed through water, estimated time of arrival, and charter party compliance, enabling better transparency and faster reaction times leading to smoother operations.

The new virtual propeller RPM sensing enabled by Eniram SkyLight 3.0 is achieved without requiring integration with other ship systems.

In addition to giving access to propeller RPM data, Eniram says this information will be used to further improve the accuracy of the speed/fuel curve calculated by Eniram SkyLight 3.0.

"This latest innovation supports Wartsila's intention to lead the marine industry's transformation towards a Smart Marine Ecosystem via improved connectivity and the use of real-time data," Eniram said.