It took 20 months for Singapore to up three-month bunker sales from 12m to 13m tonnes

In contrast, it took four-and-a-half years for the port to see volumes rise from 11m to 12m tonnes.

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Updated on 16 Oct 2017 10:43 GMT

[Click for enlarged graph of Singapore bunker sales, rolling 3-month trend: Jan 2010 - Sep 2017]

Bunker Index reported on Friday that a new record was set in Singapore between July and September 2017, with the port selling more than 13 million tonnes over a three-month period for the first time.

With sales of 4.39 million tonnes in July, 4.36 million tonnes in August and 4.34 million tonnes in September, Singapore managed to reach the landmark figure.

The graph accompanying this article reveals that the rolling three-month trend has risen by 3.82 million tonnes, or 41.2 percent, from 9.28 million tonnes to 13,098,300 tonnes since the start of the current decade.

The port data also shows that whilst Singapore reached the 10 million-tonne mark in May 2010 and 11 million tonnes in July 2011, it took another four-and-a-half years for the port to register its first three-month period of sales above 12 million tonnes.

In contrast, it took considerably less time - another 20 months - for Singapore to record its first three-month period with sales above 13 million tonnes.

Three-month sales milestones reached for the first time:

10 million tonnes - May 2010
11 million tonnes - Jul 2011
12 million tonnes - Jan 2016
13 million tonnes - Sep 2017

Image: Singapore bunker sales: rolling 3-month trend Jan 2010 - Sep 2017. Credit: Illustration data from Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).