Zim launches emissions calculator

Tool calculates CO2 and SOx emissions from Zim vessels.

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Updated on 10 Mar 2017 11:27 GMT

Zim has released its new Eco Data Emissions Calculator, which provides customers and partners with estimated carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions from Zim vessels.

The emissions calculator enables data retrieval per specific line/service, or between two locations, for any specific number of TEU's or cargo weight carried.

The application also allows users to produce an emission report which can be saved, printed or sent by email in PDF format.

The tool's emission data is said to be based on the Clean Cargo Working Group's (CCWG) latest emission factors and calculations, adjusted specifically for ZIM-operated vessels.

Zim Vice-President, Customer Service, Dudi Avni, remarked: "The Eco Data Calculator is part of ZIM's comprehensive and transparent approach to reducing emissions. Eco Data Calculator provides our customers with a reliable and accessible tool."

A link to Zim's emissions calculator has been provided below.

Zim Eco Data Emissions Calculator