Lukoil launches marine lubricants

Two new formulas are enhanced versions of previously released lubricants.

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Updated on 06 Jul 2016 10:53 GMT

Lukoil has announced that two new marine lubricants are now available: NAVIGO 70 MCL AW cylinder oil and NAVIGO 6 CO crankcase oil.

What's new about these lubricants?

Both formulas are enhanced versions of previously released lubricants. Each of the two oils contain a new additive package that is said to give better results for thermal and oxidation stability, corrosion prevention, and wear protection.

Here are some of the specifics on each new lubricant:


The 'AW' in this oil's name stands for 'anti-wear'. This was added to the name because of the extra protection it is said to give to the engine against cold corrosion.

This lubricant is intended for two-stroke engines and is designed to work with any fuel with a sulphur content of between 0.5% and 3.5%. It is also said to enable extended piston overhaul.


Stefen Claussen, Technical and Marketing Director for Lukoil Marine Lubricants, said that this lubricant gives more benefits with enhanced detergency and dispersion as well as improved crankcase cleanliness. It also has better deposit control of oil-cooled piston undercrowns, according to the Russian supplier.

The new formula is compatible for use with iCOlube, Lukoil Marine's onboard unit for intelligent cylinder oil lubrication. This unit combines high BN cylinder oil and new or used system oil to tailor the ideal cylinder oil for each engine. Additional benefits include the reduction of cylinder oil grades the ship needs to store onboard.

Both of the new lubricants were put through testing and have been approved by major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).