Tokyo event to showcase bunker-saving rigid sail prototype

Lab prototype of EnergySail technology is due to be exhibited for the first time this week.

Illustration of Eco Marine Power's Aquarius Eco Ship, featuring the company's patented EnergySail rigid sail technology. Image credit: Eco Marine Power

Updated on 09 Apr 2018 09:45 GMT

Eco Marine Power (EMP) says it will be exhibiting a working prototype of its EnergySail technology and the automated control system for the first time at Sea Japan in Tokyo between the April 11-13.

This laboratory prototype will be exhibited along with several associated technologies including an energy storage solution and flexible marine grade photovoltaic panels.

The patented EnergySail is a rigid sail device developed by EMP that will allow ships to harness the power of the wind and sun in order to reduce fuel costs and lower gas and carbon emissions.

EMP announced earlier this year that sea trials of its EnergySail technology will commence during 2018. The company has also begun joint studies with several ship owners regarding how this technology can be used on a variety of ships, including bulk ore carriers, cargo vessels and cruise ships.

The EnergySail prototype and other technologies will be displayed in the Japan Pavilion in booth JPN-179. English and Japanese-speaking staff will also be available to deal with questions and provide explanations.