ABS to class dual-fuelled OSVs

Supply vessels to also receive environmentally-friendly notations from US classification society.

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Updated on 05 Jan 2012 08:11 GMT

Harvey Gulf International Marine has selected ABS as the class society for its two new dual-fuelled LNG-powered offshore supply vessels (OSVs) being constructed at Trinity Offshore LLC. The vessels will be among the first to be classed under the ABS Guide for Propulsion and Auxiliary Systems for Gas Fuelled Ships released in May of 2011.

Commenting on the company's relationship with ABS, Shane Guidry, Harvey Gulf International Marine's Chairman and CEO said: "We have been working with ABS for a long time; our people know their surveyors and engineers, and in turn ABS is familiar with us and our vessels. Since these will be the first dual fueled LNG-powered vessels under the US flag, the strong relationship ABS has with the US Coast Guard, as well as ABS' experience with dual fuel propulsion are also of great value to us."

According to Kirsi Tikka, ABS Chief Engineer and Head of the society's environmental business activities, the LNG-powered OSV will introduce an innovative environmental solution to the US Gulf of Mexico.

"This is likely to be the beginning of a trend for OSVs in the region. The availability of LNG and the implementation of the US ECA [Emission Control Area] starting in August 2012 makes it a natural choice for fuel both from the commercial and environmental point of view."

"ABS has the technology and the experience needed for this project and we are pleased to assist Harvey Gulf in this effort. The application of the Guide for the project will be another example of ABS providing environmental solutions to the industry while maintaining its safety focus," added Tikka.

The project will benefit from ABS' experience in the OSV market and its knowledge of LNG-propulsion. "ABS has experience with a number of existing LNG carriers with dual fuel propulsion. In addition, nearly three-quarters of LNG carriers on order today will be built with dual fuel capabilities and ABS will be classing almost half of them," said Tikka. "The application of dual fuelled LNG-powered propulsion to OSVs will be an extension of our 60-year experience in the safe and efficient use of LNG."

The use of LNG as fuel requires new technical solutions associated with the fuel storage, engine and piping arrangements, as well as the bunkering systems. To manage the complexities of the project, ABS has assigned a dedicated project manager and technical team to oversee the vessels' construction. "This team will work with Harvey Gulf, Trinity Offshore and the vendors to support the development of design in compliance with the ABS Rules and regulations," explained Tikka.

The supply vessels are also to receive environmentally-friendly notations from ABS, including ENVIRO+, denoting that the vessels adhere to enhanced environmental standards, POT for the protection of fuel and lubricating oil tanks and the green passport notation, GP.