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By the Oil Desk at Freight Investor Services.

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Updated on 12 Jun 2018 09:06 GMT


Brent closed last night at $76.46 with no change from Friday, and WTI closed at $66.10 up $0.36. Let's face it, it seems like OPEC's policy will more than likely change come 22nd June. 18 months of hard graft and - quite frankly - astounding compliance by all members has done its job and flat price is up at the dizzying heights of $76 per bbl. Something I'm not sure even the biggest of bulls would have envisaged. However, this compliance to the cuts has manifested itself into allowing other people into markets they previously weren't in - US oil heading to Asia for example - so the time has come for something to be done.

Fuel Oil Market (June 11)

The Crack ranged from -10.05 to -9.65 in a volatile day on the crack market with it closing at around - 9.80. Arbitrage spread rebounds from one-week low - The front-month East-West arbitrage spread today rebounded from a one-week low in the previous session as firm Middle East demand for fuel oil continued to eat into arbitrage supplies into Singapore, trade sources said. The 380 cSt fuel oil July arbitrage spread settled at $16 a tonne on Monday, up from a week low of $15.50 a tonne in the Friday. Meanwhile, weaker crude oil prices lent some support to the July 180 cSt fuel oil crack on Monday, which narrowed its discount to Brent crude by 14 cents a barrel from Friday to minus $5.66 a barrel.

Economic data/events (Times are London.)

* 1:30pm: U.S. CPI m/m for May

* 5pm: EIA's monthly Short-Term Crude Outlook report

* Trump meets Kim Jong Un, Singapore

* OPEC's monthly oil market report, including supply/demand forecasts and estimates

* Bloomberg-compiled Refinery Snapshot for U.S. and Canada; gives offline capacity projections for crude units and FCCs

* API issues weekly U.S. oil inventory report

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