ABB hails 'Ship of the Year' fitted with bunker-saving technology

The NKT Victoria includes ABB's Onboard DC Grid system, Azipod propulsion and marine software.

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Updated on 31 May 2017 09:25 GMT

The cable-laying vessel NKT Victoria has been named 'Ship of the Year' by Nordic maritime journal Skipsrevyen at this year's Nor-Shipping trade fair.

The accolade was given in recognition of the vessel's cutting-edge technology which includes ABB's Onboard DC Grid system, Azipod propulsion and marine software. The presentation of the award took place in the presence of HRH Crown Prince Haakon Magnus.

"The ABB solutions that are onboard NKT Victoria contribute to what it is the most efficient, connected and safe vessels of its type on the seas. We would like to congratulate Kleven Shipyard and the owner NKT, who both played pivotal roles in building and designing this magnificent vessel," said Sindre Saetre, ABB's Director of Marine and Ports in Norway.

ABB's Onboard DC Grid system is designed to increase the efficiency of the vessel by allowing the ship's engines to work at variable speed, in combination with energy storage for peak shaving and enhanced dynamic performance, thus optimizing fuel consumption and reducing engine maintenance. Energy storage is also used for back-up for shore connection during cable loading, allowing the ship to be emission free during cable loading.

Commenting on its Azipod propultion, ABB said it is "significantly more fuel efficient than traditional propulsion systems, saving in excess of 700,000 tonnes of fuel since its introduction more than twenty-five years ago."

The NKT Victoria's three Azipod C units, meanwhile, are designed to maximize the manoeuvrability of the ship and operate in DP3 mode when required.

The Azipod thrusters are amongst thirty-six main components that send out in excess of 1,500 signals, culminating in a daily data package of approximately 80 megabytes - allowing the assets onboard to be remotely monitored. Data is not only analyzed on the vessel but also sent to shore through ABB's Remote Diagnostics System to the ABB Ability Collaborative Operation Centers, giving insight into the performance of the vessel. This allows troubleshooting in the event of equipment failure as well as better-informed maintenance.

From ABB's marine software, the Performance Management System and Voyage Advisory System is installed on the cable layer. These support systems are designed to help the crew to optimize fuel efficiency onboard the vessel and ensure safe and efficient voyage execution.

"ABB's marine software assists ship officers and engineers in making real time decisions, enabling them to be proactive in safety and efficiency actions, resulting in more immediate benefits than just traditional post voyage analysis," ABB said.

Image: The NKT Victoria was named Ship of the Year by Nordic maritime journal Skipsrevyen at Nor-Shipping 2017.