Wartsila dual-fuel engine efficiency monitoring now available

Service is designed to help clients optimise their fuel consumption by adjusting their operations according to real-time data.

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Updated on 03 Jun 2016 08:18 GMT

Wartsila's engine efficiency monitoring service is now available for dual-fuel engines.

The service is designed to help shipowners and operators optimise their fuel consumption by adjusting their operations according to real-time data. It includes the initial conceptual planning, commissioning, delivery and training, as well as support and expert analysis and advice throughout the duration of the contract.

The following equipment are required to operate the service:

- Fuel mass flow meters
- Shaft power or thrust meter(s) if needed
- Wartsila data acquisition system
- Connectivity from instrumentation to Wartsila
- Interface to ship's integrated automation system.

Scope and details of the solution are configured case by case.

Clients also receive monthly reports on efficiency, including trends and follow-up on all key parameters to ensure transparency. The service includes an onboard interface for decision making support, as well as data storage on site. An installation's information can also be accessed by on-shore personnel through Wartsila Online services.

Measuring principles

The Wartsila Engine efficiency monitoring service monitors the efficiency of each engine by measuring its capability to turn fuel into mechanical energy according to the ISO standard SFOC formula.

This also makes it possible to make comparisons between individual engines. The service takes into account the following parameters required by the ISO standard for SFOC measurement:

- mass flow of the fuel consumed by the engine
- power produced by the engine, measured from the propeller shaft or generator
- lower heating value of the fuel
- ambient air temperature
- barometric pressure
- charge air coolant temperature
- fuel oil clean leak
- time

In a statement, Wartsila said: "By extending the service to DF engines, Wartsila is strengthening its strategic focus on gas-fuelled engine technology. The Engine efficiency monitoring service also serves as a solid foundation for developing efficiency monitoring to include a wide range of operations of a gas or DF engine operated ship or power plant."