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Home » News » Statistics, Research, Reports & Surveys - Q4 2017

Statistics, Research, Reports & Surveys - Q4 2017

Shipping confidence steady at three-and-a-half-year high: survey
20 Dec 2017 11:35 GMT
Average confidence level unchanged compared to survey in August.

Chevron releases methanol and lubricants white paper
14 Dec 2017 11:08 GMT
Document explores the role of Chevron's cylinder lubricants in the operation of two methanol-fuelled ships.

Singapore sets new 12-month bunker sales record as November volumes rise
13 Dec 2017 09:51 GMT
Nov sales up 4.2% YoY and 7.7% MoM. Port sold 50.245m tonnes between Dec and Nov.

New report ranks biofuel as best zero-emission solution
08 Dec 2017 12:41 GMT
Batteries 'simply not competitive'; hydrogen and ammonia 'the middle ground'.

Malta LNG bunkering study under way: source
29 Nov 2017 14:11 GMT
Study aims to identify the optimal solutions for the development of LNG bunkering infrastructure.

Bunker sales drop in Singapore with 500 cSt volumes at lowest in 20 months
13 Nov 2017 09:34 GMT
Rolling 12-month and 6-month sales manage to stay above 50m and 25m tonnes respectively.

Marine engine market predicted to reach $10.56 billion by 2022
01 Nov 2017 12:33 GMT
Report highlights increased demand for hybrid fuel engines as a driver of new growth opportunities.

Ship operating costs expected to rise in latest survey
26 Oct 2017 14:03 GMT
Shipping firms forecast increase in lube expenses and express concern about the higher cost of regulatory compliance.

Rotterdam achieves best quarter since Q2 2016, but nears worst calendar year this decade
23 Oct 2017 13:13 GMT
Best fuel oil result in five quarters, but MGO sales were lowest in nearly three years.

MHI targets development of gas-fuelled ships
20 Oct 2017 12:42 GMT
Shipbuilder aims to enter into business partnerships where it can leverage its technological expertise.

ExxonMobil breaks ground on lube R&D plant and engine testing centre
17 Oct 2017 10:05 GMT
Energy major looking to consolidate research capabilities under one roof.

It took 20 months for Singapore to up three-month bunker sales from 12m to 13m tonnes
16 Oct 2017 10:43 GMT
In contrast, it took four-and-a-half years for the port to see volumes rise from 11m to 12m tonnes.

Singapore 12-month bunker sales jumped from 45 to 50m tonnes in just 21 months
16 Oct 2017 06:47 GMT
Sales at Asian port rose by 5m tonnes in almost a third of the time it took them to increase from 40m to 45m tonnes.

UK researchers claim breakthrough converting CO2 and methane into liquid fuels
12 Oct 2017 15:20 GMT
Non-thermal plasma process said to offer 'promising and attractive' alternative for the synthesis of fuels.

ExxonMobil warns of rise in compatibility and stability issues as new 0.5% fuels emerge
11 Oct 2017 14:45 GMT
Supplier urges operators to 'avoid the pitfalls' as the market heads towards a 'multi-fuel future'.

Oil report predicts bullish fourth quarter
04 Oct 2017 14:35 GMT
Report takes a look at the key factors set to affect oil prices over the next three months.

A 2017 review of VPS bunker alerts
03 Oct 2017 09:33 GMT
By Steve Bee, Group Commercial & Business Development Director.

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