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Home » News » Fuel Efficiency, Costs, Savings & Charges - Q3 2016

Fuel Efficiency, Costs, Savings & Charges - Q3 2016

Fuel-saving Water Bus to undergo sea trials
28 Sep 2016 12:33 GMT
Amongst its features, the vessel is said to offer reduced fuel consumption with a slender hull, low resistance and low wake.

Up to $25m in fuel savings for LNG carrier, says HHI
26 Sep 2016 09:51 GMT
Gas treatment and supply technology could significantly reduce the vessel's fuel consumption, according to ship builder.

Emissions monitoring added to Enginei fuel management system
22 Sep 2016 09:40 GMT
Upgraded system also provides combustion efficiency data, assessing engine power against both fuel consumption and engine speed.

Emissions monitoring initiative designed to help inland ships improve fuel efficiency
21 Sep 2016 12:15 GMT
COBALD is targeted mainly towards ships with older engines to help lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Jotun backs EU decision to approve the use of copper in marine antifoulings
20 Sep 2016 10:14 GMT
Marine coatings specialist says copper's effectiveness is 'second to none'.

Propulsion control system refit helps VLCC optimise fuel consumption
19 Sep 2016 08:00 GMT
AutoChief 600 integrates with energy management and navigation systems to optimise fuel use.

Consortium to develop fuel performance monitoring software
15 Sep 2016 11:18 GMT
Technology will be designed to help operators reduce fuel consumption and cut costs.

Air lubrication technology cuts fuel costs by more than 4% in sea trials
06 Sep 2016 14:05 GMT
Efficiency savings of up to 8 percent possible for larger ships, according to data analysis.

Rolls-Royce presents new fuel-saving diesel engines at SMM
06 Sep 2016 07:21 GMT
Fuel consumption of MTU Series 4000 diesel engines is said to be 5% lower thanks to turbocharger improvements.

The fuel-efficient way to improve cat fine protection
01 Sep 2016 00:02 GMT
Automatic control system is designed to optimize the entire fuel cleaning process for the best protection and energy efficiency.

Odfjell achieves fuel savings of more than 20% in project with MAN
26 Aug 2016 15:14 GMT
Ship operator reduces fuel consumption with propulsion system upgrades.

New barnacle research may lead to new ship coating to improve fuel efficiency
26 Aug 2016 09:55 GMT
Bacteria could be the cause of barnacle buildup on ships, according to latest research.

EUR 2.6m funding to develop world's largest rotor sail
25 Aug 2016 08:22 GMT
Larger Flettner rotor will equate to significant annual fuel savings, says developer.

Corsican vessel operator saves fuel with electric propulsion
18 Aug 2016 09:05 GMT
Hybrid propulsion allows passengers to be ferried to the Scandola nature reserve in Corsica on batteries.

New stern trawler design saves fuel, says Wartsila
16 Aug 2016 13:37 GMT
Design incorporates hybrid battery technology and Wartsila's two-speed gearbox for reduced fuel consumption.

Fuel-saving antifouling series to be showcased at SMM
12 Aug 2016 13:02 GMT
Japan's Choggoku Marine Paints says it will be promoting its Seaflo Neo Z series in Hamburg next month.

Bunker-saving emulsified fuel system installed on cruise ship
12 Aug 2016 11:43 GMT
Technology is said to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, clean the exhaust and improve the condition of the engine.

H.P. Wegener reports fuel savings as scrubber milestone is reached
09 Aug 2016 14:44 GMT
After 1,000 days of continuous scrubber operation, German firm says 'our scrubber investment has basically paid for itself'.

Saving fuel with energy storage solution
09 Aug 2016 12:18 GMT
ABB says it is 'at the forefront' of changes in the maritime industry with its energy storage solutions.

'Up to 40%' fuel savings with Ecospeed coatings
05 Aug 2016 13:45 GMT
Coatings specialist says it has 'cracked a number of really important problems' with its Ecospeed range.

Fuel-saving HullWiper launched in Rotterdam
02 Aug 2016 10:47 GMT
Launch event of hull cleaning system at Europe's biggest port.

AkzoNobel to incorporate ISO 19030 into fuel savings predictor tool
27 Jul 2016 10:55 GMT
Intertrac Vision predictions to be verified and validated against actual performance using a monitoring process that is ISO 19030-compliant.

Cruise sector demand for fuel-saving air lubrication system
26 Jul 2016 10:56 GMT
Developer of friction-reducing air lubrication technology says it is in discussions with other cruise operators on the back of NCL contract.

We4Sea targets fuel savings and 100m-tonne CO2 reduction using existing ship equipment
26 Jul 2016 06:39 GMT
Tool uses equipment that can already be found on board, such as the voyage data recorder (VDR) and sensors.

New ferry will be first to use Wartsila hybrid battery technology
22 Jul 2016 10:23 GMT
Ferry will serve the crossing between the Isle of Wight and the English mainland.

Study compares results of length and breadth extensions
22 Jul 2016 08:25 GMT
Vessel length extension consumed 5% less fuel than breadth expansion in study.

Fuel-saving Azipods for LNG carrier and oil tanker
21 Jul 2016 08:41 GMT
Electric propulsion units to be fitted in South Korea.

WWL expands fleet with fuel-efficient Neo-Panamax ship
20 Jul 2016 07:55 GMT
Vessel is also fitted with an exhaust gas cleaning system that reduces sulphur emissions to below 0.1 percent.

Rolls-Royce improves fuel efficiency with wave-piercing bow design
19 Jul 2016 08:08 GMT
Bow design has been applied to a wide range of vessel types, including LNG bunkering vessels.

Fuel-efficient ferries for New York's city-wide network
18 Jul 2016 11:46 GMT
New York's first city-wide ferry system in over 100 years is scheduled to be launched in 2018.

First order for new blending-on-board system
12 Jul 2016 08:46 GMT
System is expected to facilitate a 40% reduction in lube oil consumption and fuel savings of at least 0.5%.

Hapag-Lloyd BAF up 75% since March
04 Jul 2016 13:27 GMT
Bunker adjustment factor (BAF) up a third time since March 2nd.

FinnLink ups bunker surcharge in July
01 Jul 2016 11:11 GMT
Service provides daily departures between Finland and Sweden.

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