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Home » News » Port News - Q4 2014

Port News - Q4 2014

Fog halts Houston Channel ship traffic
30 Dec 2014 07:32 GMT
Vessels were stopped from transiting the Houston Ship Channel yesterday due to adverse weather conditions.

Sulphur content detector installed in Gothenburg
29 Dec 2014 15:18 GMT
'Sniffer' technology is said to be able to detect ships burning fuel with a sulphur content exceeding 0.1 percent.

Agreement to acquire remaining equity of HK bunker firm
24 Dec 2014 15:31 GMT
Ego Time Group is said to have been 'seriously affected' by potential losses relating to contracts made with or via OW Bunker China.

LNG bunkering begins at Moerdijk
23 Dec 2014 17:13 GMT
Danser Group's barge Eiger-Nordwand is said to be the first vessel to bunker LNG at the Dutch port.

First sub-$300 380 cSt quotes in Rotterdam since May 2009
19 Dec 2014 15:10 GMT
Suppliers quote 380 centistoke (cSt) product at below $300 per tonne for the first time in 67 months.

Tornio terminal with LNG bunkering gets go-ahead
19 Dec 2014 10:12 GMT
Construction phase is scheduled to begin in January 2015.

Aegean confirms plans to start LA supply operation in Q1 2015
10 Dec 2014 00:19 GMT
Bunker firm says it bought 28,567 tonnes of fuel and tied up storage contract for $11 millon at OW Bunker auction.

Aegean snaps up OW fuel, LA storage - supply operation imminent?
09 Dec 2014 16:12 GMT
According to reports, Aegean has bought 150,000 barrels of fuel in auction and secured a storage contract in Los Angeles.

0.1% ECA-compliant fuel now available in Southern U.S.
09 Dec 2014 07:56 GMT
Atlantic Gulf Bunkering says it expects to have the product ready for delivery by December 12.

Skangass seals its first ship-to-ship LNG supply contract
08 Dec 2014 14:03 GMT
Vessels are due to enter into operation in 2016.

Singapore MGO vs ICE Gas Oil
04 Dec 2014 15:33 GMT
Analysis of Singapore marine gas oil (MGO) and ICE Gas Oil prices.

Lowest Rotterdam 380 cSt monthly average since July 2010
03 Dec 2014 11:51 GMT
The 380 cSt average at Europe's biggest bunker port has plummeted 22.2 percent in just two months.

Monthly Fujairah 380 cSt average down 21.8% in two months
03 Dec 2014 11:04 GMT
The 380 cSt average at the Middle East's leading bunker port has fallen $128 since September

Singapore: lowest 380 cSt monthly average since October 2010
28 Nov 2014 11:04 GMT
Singapore's best-selling fuel grade falls $30 in November and is down $106 in two months.

MPA makes changes to Bunker Oil Pollution Convention (BCC) Certificate
21 Nov 2014 14:12 GMT
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) confirms changes to some of the statutory certificates.

Singapore: month-on-month sales up, year-on-year volumes down
17 Nov 2014 17:38 GMT
Bunker sales in October were 2 percent higher than the previous month but 4.9 percent lower than in October 2013.

SSA meeting: 'No disruption' to bunkering in Singapore
17 Nov 2014 08:25 GMT
Meeting with companies from the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) is said to have established that there had been no report of disruption to bunkering in Singapore.

MPA: There will be 'minimal disruption' to bunkering in Singapore
12 Nov 2014 10:31 GMT
Port authority confirms that it is working with the bunker industry and industry associations to mitigate any potential impact on bunkering in Singapore.

IBIA to offer first Singapore MPA-accredited mass flow meter course
07 Nov 2014 11:10 GMT
MPA-accredited course is due to be held later this month in Singapore.

Singapore MGO vs ICE Gas Oil
05 Nov 2014 14:08 GMT
Analysis of Singapore marine gas oil (MGO) and ICE Gas Oil prices.

Lowest monthly Rotterdam 380 cSt average since November 2010
04 Nov 2014 11:40 GMT
Rotterdam's monthly 380 cSt average was $65 lower in October - the biggest decrease since June 2012.

Fujairah records lowest 380 cSt average in 46 months
04 Nov 2014 08:26 GMT
380 cSt monthly average declines by 13.8 percent to lowest level since December 2010.

First sub-$500 Singapore 380 cst monthly average since Dec 2010
03 Nov 2014 14:49 GMT
Singapore's best-selling fuel grade also records its most significant monthly decline since June 2012.

Reduced visibility in Singapore
03 Nov 2014 11:58 GMT
Visibility warning and haze alert issued at the world's leading bunker port.

EUR 76 million funding for LNG break bulk facility
31 Oct 2014 10:06 GMT
Financing is to fund the expansion of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) break bulk infrastructure at Rotterdam's Gate terminal.

GAC launches HullWiper at Sohar
29 Oct 2014 15:00 GMT
GAC's new hull-cleaning remotely operated vehicle has been extended to a fourth port in the Middle East.

LNG receiving terminal launched in Scandinavia
20 Oct 2014 10:29 GMT
LNG to be delivered to marine and land-based customers following launch of $107 million facility.

Four ports discuss harmonizing LNG bunkering standards and procedures
20 Oct 2014 07:31 GMT
The ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge and Singapore participated in an LNG focus group last week.

Seattle cruise ship calls 20% lower than in 2010
17 Oct 2014 14:23 GMT
Cruise bunkering takes a hit as cruise ship calls fall by 4% in 2014 - and are 20% lower than in 2010.

Singapore: Lowest accumulated bunker sales since 2010
16 Oct 2014 09:15 GMT
Monthly bunker volumes drop to their lowest level since June as accumulated sales for the year so far fall below levels recorded in 2013, 2012 and 2011.

Port of Singapore introduces new initiatives at SIBCON
15 Oct 2014 08:19 GMT
New measures are designed to improve fuel quality, ensure product availability and prepare Singapore for LNG bunkering.

Fujairah 380 cSt quotes as low as $500
10 Oct 2014 12:18 GMT
Aggressive pricing at the Middle East's leading bunker port as prices plummet.

Busan 380 cSt price plummets 5.6% in a week
10 Oct 2014 11:31 GMT
Bunker prices nosedive at South Korea's leading bunker port.

Rotterdam 380 cSt quotes below $500 for first time in 45 months
10 Oct 2014 10:12 GMT
Suppliers quoting sub-$500 per tonne levels today as prices tumble at Europe's leading bunker port.

New bunker supplier at San Andrés Island
09 Oct 2014 10:12 GMT
Bunker firm begins carrying out deliveries at Caribbean island, located approximately 230 kilometres east of Nicaragua.

LNG fuel trials performed in Zeebrugge
08 Oct 2014 13:49 GMT
Sister vessel is also expected to arrive at the Belgian port for similar trials later this month.

Supplier 'feeling proud' of new bunker tanks
07 Oct 2014 11:00 GMT
Bunker firm reveals photo of completed storage project.

Lowest monthly Rotterdam 380 cSt average since January 2011
02 Oct 2014 13:32 GMT
Rotterdam's monthly 380 cSt average was $18 lower in September - the biggest decrease in 17 months.

Shenzhen praised for fuel switch scheme
02 Oct 2014 10:45 GMT
New voluntary scheme means that ship operators will receive a subsidy for switching to fuel with a lower sulphur content.

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