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Home » News » Port News - Q3 2013

Port News - Q3 2013

First BOSTCO fuel oil delivery
27 Sep 2013 12:54 GMT
First residual fuel oil delivery to be made next week at the new Houston Ship Channel facility.

Fuel oil stocks fall in Singapore
27 Sep 2013 07:06 GMT
Inventories of fuel oil decline to their lowest level in five weeks, data shows.

Fujairah terminal project moves on to third phase
25 Sep 2013 08:01 GMT
Second phase has added 235,000 cubic metres of storage to the oil facility.

Bunkering set to restart in Hong Kong
23 Sep 2013 06:16 GMT
Storm Signal 3 was cancelled at 10:25 hrs local time.

Gothenburg pays out SEK 2m to fuel initiative participants
20 Sep 2013 08:38 GMT
Ships using 0.1% sulphur fuel receive compensation twice a year.

Bunker sales fall 6.8 percent in Singapore
18 Sep 2013 06:37 GMT
Accumulated sales for the year so far are 2.9 percent lower than in 2012.

Shell and DMC sign LNG MoU
18 Sep 2013 05:50 GMT
LNG fuel for marine transportation to be a primary focus of the partnership.

LNG bunkering alliance in Antwerp
18 Sep 2013 05:02 GMT
Antwerp Port Authority and Exmar in strategic partnership to develop LNG bunkering in Antwerp.

$675m loan secured for Ust-Luga oil terminal
17 Sep 2013 08:35 GMT
Funds to be used to fund the terminal's operations and to complete its expansion project.

HK government welcomes measures to reduce emissions
13 Sep 2013 15:24 GMT
Hong Kong to introduce the mandatory use of cleaner marine fuels for local and ocean-going vessels.

New bunker supplier in Novorossiysk
12 Sep 2013 08:58 GMT
Company carried out its first marine fuel delivery earlier this week.

Brightoil starts supplying in Qingdao - source
11 Sep 2013 07:29 GMT
Company is said to have leased a 60,000 cubic metre storage tank at the Shandong Province port.

Project to develop first marine fuel biomass-based plant
10 Sep 2013 11:38 GMT
Plan to establish a plant in Denmark that could serve an annual marine fuel market of at least 900,000 tonnes.

Crowley acquires another Alaskan fuel supplier
09 Sep 2013 16:14 GMT
Newly acquired firm, CPD Alaska, LLC, has been supplying in Alaska for more than 50 years.

Trading firm licensed in Fujairah Free Zone
09 Sep 2013 14:21 GMT
Economic situation in Cyprus is said to have been the main reason behind the UAE strategy.

Three new storage tanks in the Caribbean
06 Sep 2013 20:41 GMT
Bunker firm completes the construction of three storage tanks.

Highest Rotterdam 380-cst average since March
04 Sep 2013 08:47 GMT
Monthly 380-cst average rises to highest level in five months.

Fujairah: First monthly 380-cst rise in six months
04 Sep 2013 08:31 GMT
The monthly average price of 380-cst in Fujairah increases for the first time since February.

Singapore monthly 380-cst average rises for the first time since February
02 Sep 2013 08:08 GMT
380-cst price increases by $7 per tonne at the world's leading bunker port in August.

Name change for Black Sea supplier
30 Aug 2013 14:24 GMT
New company name reflects recent change in ownership.

Fuel oil stocks at 10-week peak in Singapore
30 Aug 2013 13:31 GMT
Fuel oil inventories rise to their highest level since June 19.

Caribbean bunker supply agreement announced
23 Aug 2013 21:08 GMT
Deal will help lower working capital expenses and reduce exposure to price volatility, says supplier.

Dual-fuel engines for Denmark's first LNG-powered ferry
22 Aug 2013 06:31 GMT
Vessel is set to operate between Jutland and Samsø in the autumn of 2014.

New bunker supplier in Catania
21 Aug 2013 17:02 GMT
Supplier offering 380-centistoke and marine gasoil by barge.

Aegean to offload floating storage
21 Aug 2013 09:02 GMT
Supplier to launch onshore Fujairah facility in Q1 2014. New supply port by early 2014 also planned.

Gazpromneft acquires Baltic Marine Bunker
20 Aug 2013 12:55 GMT
Purchase of Estonian firm is Gazpromneft Marine Bunker's second foreign bunker acquisition.

Oakland expects all terminals to be open
20 Aug 2013 08:58 GMT
Port of Oakland says all terminals intend to be open for business today following yesterday's protests.

Record 500-cst sales in Singapore
15 Aug 2013 15:31 GMT
Bunker sales rise to their highest level since January as 500-cst volumes surpass 700,000 tonnes for the first time.

Fuel oil stocks rise in Singapore
15 Aug 2013 14:18 GMT
Fuel oil inventories increase for the second consecutive week in Singapore.

Bunkering suspended in Hong Kong
13 Aug 2013 12:31 GMT
Bunker deliveries are halted in Hong Kong as a result of the threat of Tropical Storm Utor.

Shipping firms fined for not switching fuels
13 Aug 2013 07:02 GMT
Companies fined for failing to switch to cleaner-burning distillates in Californian waters.

Oiltanking sells 45% of its stake in Helios terminal
12 Aug 2013 13:27 GMT
Agreement with Macquarie Capital is subject to regulatory approvals.

Fuel oil inventories fall in China's coastal areas
08 Aug 2013 08:22 GMT
Stocks of fuel oil decrease at oil facilities over one-week period.

Bunker barge to 'welcome' world's largest container ship
08 Aug 2013 07:26 GMT
Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller is scheduled to arrive in North Europe next week.

2.3m tonnes of fuel oil booked for Asia
06 Aug 2013 16:24 GMT
Western fuel oil cargoes are scheduled to arrive in Asia in September.

Rotterdam 380-cst up 2.6% in July
02 Aug 2013 06:38 GMT
Last month's increase is only the third in ten months.

Lowest Fujairah 380-cst average in 30 months
02 Aug 2013 06:18 GMT
The monthly average price of 380-cst in Fujairah drops by almost 3% to its lowest level since January 2011.

Prevention of pollution circular issued
01 Aug 2013 06:25 GMT
Shipping community is informed about the entering into force of prevention of pollution regulations.

New bunker supplier in US Gulf
31 Jul 2013 16:51 GMT
Atlantic Gulf Bunkering to begin supplying in Mobile, Gulfport and Pascagoula.

Singapore 380-cst falls for fifth straight month
31 Jul 2013 09:49 GMT
380-cst price declines by $3 per tonne at the world's leading bunker port in July.

Supplier sells over 100,000 tonnes since launch
29 Jul 2013 08:08 GMT
Bunker firm says it is 'never out of stock' with a storage capacity of around 70,000 tonnes.

Singapore fuel oil stocks rise 8.5 percent
25 Jul 2013 10:44 GMT
Fuel oil inventories increase for the first time in five weeks in Singapore.

LNG barge bunkered in Antwerp
24 Jul 2013 09:04 GMT
LNG-powered tanker has this week refuelled at quay 526.

Antwerp LNG subsidy approved
24 Jul 2013 08:24 GMT
EC subsidy to be mainly used for the development of an LNG bunkering station for barges in Antwerp.

CEPSA begins supplying at Ferrol and La Coruña
23 Jul 2013 14:35 GMT
Spanish firm now carrying out deliveries by barge and by truck at north-west ports.

Strong growth for petroleum products in Antwerp
22 Jul 2013 09:48 GMT
Oil volumes lead to surge in liquid bulk figures during the first six months of 2012. Vessel calls fall.

Bomin begins supplying at Algeciras
19 Jul 2013 12:51 GMT
Supplier begins offering high sulphur 380-cst and MGO. Other grades to follow next month.

Fuel oil stocks fall to 11-week low in Singapore
18 Jul 2013 12:37 GMT
Singapore fuel oil inventories fall for the fourth consecutive week.

Vopak, Magellan to assess US Gulf terminal project
17 Jul 2013 07:37 GMT
Companies to carry out a feasibility study for a new storage terminal in Deer Park, Texas.

Cruise line applauded for lowering vessel speeds
17 Jul 2013 05:46 GMT
Cruise vessel operator honoured for complying with speed reduction initiative.

Singapore H1 bunker sales down 3.9%
16 Jul 2013 07:22 GMT
Year-on-year monthly volumes fall for the fifth consecutive month at the world's largest bunker port. H1 sales decline by 3.9%.

Aegean to commence operations at Algeciras
15 Jul 2013 21:36 GMT
Supplier to utilize its existing fleet capacity to expand its presence in the Western Mediterranean.

Fuel spill at Caltex Sydney terminal
15 Jul 2013 09:17 GMT
Banksmeadow Terminal closed as a result of leak from petrol tank.

Le Havre storage project moves forward
12 Jul 2013 14:22 GMT
First phase terminal capacity is expected to be at least 150,000 cubic metres for the storage of petroleum and petrochemical products.

Fuel oil stocks down for third week in Singapore
11 Jul 2013 20:08 GMT
Singapore fuel oil inventories fall to 9-week low.

China: Fuel oil stocks decline in coastal areas
11 Jul 2013 08:08 GMT
Inventories of fuel oil decrease at oil facilities over one-week period.

Contract to supply world's first automated mooring and shore power system
10 Jul 2013 08:52 GMT
System to be used by the world's first fully battery-powered, catamaran-hulled car ferry.

Project to develop LNG bunkering procedures in Singapore
10 Jul 2013 08:21 GMT
Project to identify technical standards and operational procedures for the development of LNG bunkering in Singapore.

EUR 87m loan to build Klaipeda LNG terminal
09 Jul 2013 13:11 GMT
Project is scheduled to be finalised by the end of 2014.

Palmstone Petroleum bunker licence cancelled
08 July 2013 15:02 GMT
Company is no longer allowed to operate as a bunker supplier in the Port of Singapore.

OW Bunker launches second supply vessel in Singapore
08 Jul 2013 13:45 GMT
Development follows initial trials of its physical operation in June 2013.

Power cut at bunker-producing Curaçao refinery
08 Jul 2013 09:03 GMT
Blackout halts operations at Curaçao oil facility.

Vetek completes deal to purchase Odessa refinery
08 Jul 2013 08:16 GMT
Vetek acquires a stake of more than 99 percent in the Odessa refining plant.

Extra fuel oil storage to meet Tauranga demand
08 Jul 2013 07:04 GMT
Fuel oil storage capacity at Mount Maunganui Terminal has been increased by more than 8 million litres.

Biggest 2-week decline in fuel oil stocks since August
05 Jul 2013 08:31 GMT
Fuel oil inventories plummet over 2-week period in Singapore.

Singapore bunker spill update
02 Jul 2013 17:41 GMT
'No significant patches of oil' following 100-tonne fuel oil spill, says MPA.

Singapore 380-cst average falls $7 in June
02 Jul 2013 08:55 GMT
World's leading bunker port records the lowest monthly 380-cst average since June 2012.

Coast-Channels bunkering licence not renewed
01 Jul 2013 13:13 GMT
Bunker supplier Coast-Channels Marine Services is said to have allowed another firm to use its Bunker Delivery Notes.

Dan-Bunkering trader relocates to Singapore
01 Jul 2013 08:46 GMT
Thieu-vi Phung moves to Singapore after having spent six years at Dan-Bunkering's Copenhagen office.

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