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Home » News » Environment News - Q3 2013

Environment News - Q3 2013

IMO symposium debates a sustainable maritime transportation system
27 Sep 2013 13:25 GMT
IMO concept lists goals that must be aspired to in order to establish a sustainable maritime transportation system.

World Maritime Day: 'Sustainable Development: IMO's contribution beyond Rio+20'
26 Sep 2013 18:24 GMT
Sekimizu calls on shipping to reaffirm its commitment to optimize the management of maritime transport to support sustainable development.

IACS chairman calls for evidence-based assessment of ship efficiency
26 Sep 2013 14:34 GMT
Cazzulo presents paper calling for an EEDI database for new ships on World Maritime Day.

DFDS orders exhaust gas cleaning systems
24 Sep 2013 08:32 GMT
PureSOx exhaust gas cleaning systems ordered for eight vessels.

'Fuel-saving' propeller launched
23 Sep 2013 08:48 GMT
Propeller is said to improve fuel economy by 10 percent.

Gothenburg pays out SEK 2m to fuel initiative participants
20 Sep 2013 08:38 GMT
Ships using 0.1% sulphur fuel receive compensation twice a year.

HK government welcomes measures to reduce emissions
13 Sep 2013 15:24 GMT
Hong Kong to introduce the mandatory use of cleaner marine fuels for local and ocean-going vessels.

Hull coatings for ship performance guide launched
13 Sep 2013 08:22 GMT
Free guide examines the regulatory landscape, anti-fouling coating concepts, performance monitoring and hull cleaning.

IBIA seeks 'achievable' marine fuel sulphur targets
11 Sep 2013 09:12 GMT
Association says it will continue to lobby regulators to set 'achievable' sulphur targets and provide flexibility in how to meet those targets.

'First' EGCS-equipped ship to operate in US ECA
09 Sep 2013 15:37 GMT
Landmark event is said to have taken place in Baltimore.

Wind and solar system short-listed for award
09 Sep 2013 08:28 GMT
System uses rigid sail technology controlled by a computer system so that solar and wind power can be harnessed to reduce fuel consumption.

Carnival commits over $180m to install scrubber technology
06 Sep 2013 19:55 GMT
Exhaust gas cleaning technology to be installed on 32 ships.

Fuel-saving hull coating technologies make 'significant impact'
05 Sep 2013 19:23 GMT
Over 150 vessels take up fouling control technologies in six months.

DNV to class LNG-ready ultra large container ships
03 Sep 2013 08:03 GMT
Five vessels to be built for United Arab Shipping Company.

Project to build world's first green ship equipment certification centre
28 Aug 2013 14:22 GMT
Initiative launced in response to emissions reduction and maritime pollution regulation.

Dual-fuel engines for Denmark's first LNG-powered ferry
22 Aug 2013 06:31 GMT
Vessel is set to operate between Jutland and Samsø in the autumn of 2014.

Blending device marketed as low-cost scrubber alternative
19 Aug 2013 17:57 GMT
Product to be mainly targeted towards vessels that only occasionally enter Emissions Control Areas.

German minister voices support for LNG fuel initiative
19 Aug 2013 08:45 GMT
German government ready to support pilot projects like retrofitting new engine solutions on ships, says minister.

Shipping firms fined for not switching fuels
13 Aug 2013 07:02 GMT
Companies fined for failing to switch to cleaner-burning distillates in Californian waters.

Contract to supply AMP systems in the US and Asia
09 Aug 2013 14:34 GMT
Four separate orders for Alternative Maritime Power systems in Japan, South Korea, China and the United States.

More orders for emissions monitoring system
09 Aug 2013 09:12 GMT
Company claims an order book stretching into 2015.

Green initiative to launch first progress report
07 Aug 2013 19:02 GMT
Report to be revealed at event in Singapore next month.

Prevention of pollution circular issued
01 Aug 2013 06:25 GMT
Shipping community is informed about the entering into force of prevention of pollution regulations.

Agreement to promote eco-technology to Greek market
29 Jul 2013 06:14 GMT
Deal includes promotion of computer system that monitors fuel use and is designed to improve fuel efficiency.

Teekay LNG Partners orders two additional fuel-saving vessels
26 Jul 2013 20:44 GMT
Twin engines are said to be 'significantly more fuel efficient' and have lower emission levels than other engines being utilized in LNG shipping.

Hybrid tug firm wins green award
26 Jul 2013 06:18 GMT
Shipbuilder wins prize for developing eco-friendly tug.

First newbuild cruise ships to install 'world's smallest scrubber'
22 Jul 2013 13:22 GMT
Cruise line says its newbuilds will be the first to feature scrubber technology developed by Green Tech Marine.

Clean shipping event to be held in Hamburg
19 Jul 2013 18:03 GMT
Germany to host emissions reduction forum in September.

First two orders for fuel-saving X62 engine
18 Jul 2013 17:31 GMT
Wärtsilä claims that fuel savings of as much as 10 percent can be achieved.

German ferry to be retrofitted with dual-fuel engines
17 Jul 2013 15:13 GMT
Engines will run primarily on LNG as the main fuel, but will have the capacity to switch to conventional fuels if necessary.

Cruise line applauded for lowering vessel speeds
17 Jul 2013 05:46 GMT
Cruise vessel operator honoured for complying with speed reduction initiative.

Power and propulsion systems ordered for LNG carriers
15 Jul 2013 08:14 GMT
Vessels will be the first electrically propelled LNG carriers to be built in China.

Waterfront vessels to run on methanol and diesel fuel
12 Jul 2013 13:33 GMT
Methanex subsidiary, Waterfront Shipping, to use a blend of 95% methanol and 5% diesel fuel on its ships.

Demo test for NOx-reducing SCR system
10 Jul 2013 15:34 GMT
Selective catalytic reduction system to be installed on power generators of ocean-going freighter for demonstration test.

Contract to supply world's first automated mooring and shore power system
10 Jul 2013 08:52 GMT
System to be used by the world's first fully battery-powered, catamaran-hulled car ferry.

Onshore test of prototype sail
09 Jul 2013 06:02 GMT
Objective is to install the sailing rig without making major design changes to existing vessels, while reducing CO2 emissions by 2-5%.

Singapore bunker spill update
02 Jul 2013 17:41 GMT
'No significant patches of oil' following 100-tonne fuel oil spill, says MPA.

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