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Home » News » Air Pollution - Q3 2011

Air Pollution - Q3 2011

Maersk tests exhaust gas cleaning system
28 Sep 2011 09:48 GMT
Scrubbing system is said to cut SOx emissions by more than 97 percent.

Technology to cut GHGs by 85% 'already exists'
27 Sep 2011 08:54 GMT
Emissions-reducing technologies are not being developed quickly enough for wide-scale use, say engineers.

ICS stresses 'importance' of treaty ratification
26 Sep 2011 14:29 GMT

ECA and LNG are key topics at Canada meeting
26 Sep 2011 08:25 GMT

Seattle wins Green 50 award
23 Sep 2011 07:05 GMT
US port is recognized for its environmental initiatives, including the ABC Fuels Vessel Incentive Program.

Dual-fuel engines exceed 3 million running hours
20 Sep 2011 14:44 GMT
Wärtsilä's dual-fuel engines have surpassed 3 million running hours in both land-based and marine applications.

Mitropoulos discusses 'complex' task of reducing GHGs
16 Sep 2011 10:02 GMT
IMO Secrety-General talks about GHG reduction and 'landmark' MEPC meeting.

Project to develop emission management system
16 Sep 2011 06:32 GMT
System to capture environmentally relevant ship operation and make available on demand.

ICS urges owners to get EEDI
14 Sep 2011 14:54 GMT
Board concludes that all new ships should be delivered with an EEDI, regardless of any flag State waivers.

Fuel switch leads to higher-than-expected drop in emissions
13 Sep 2011 06:29 GMT
Researchers find that pollutants fell by as much as 90 percent in recent Maersk ship study.

Rotterdam rewards sustainable ships
12 Sep 2011 15:03 GMT
European hub is to offer a discount on port dues to the 25 cleanest ocean-going vessels.

EU 'critical' to brokering bunker tax deal
09 Sep 2011 16:04 GMT
WWF and Oxfam propose the EU brokers a deal to tackle greenhouse gas emissions from ships.

Milestone for fuel-saving propeller device
15 Aug 2011 08:29 GMT
Landmark sales figure for device that is said to reduce fuel consumption by up to 5 percent.

Eco-awards for Hamburg Süd
12 Aug 2011 09:03 GMT
Shipping firm wins awards in the US for its environmentally conscious conduct.

Maritime event to focus on emissions and MBMs
12 Aug 2011 08:31 GMT
Reduction of shipboard emissions to be one of the main topics discussed at upcoming London conference.

Brownrigg rejects EU emissions trading scheme
10 Aug 2011 09:37 GMT
Scheme 'will not work for shipping', says UK Chamber of Shipping's director general.

ICS backs IMO on emission reduction
09 Aug 2011 08:48 GMT
Association says recent MARPOL amendments were 'absolutely' what it had hoped for.

Appraisal initiative aimed at cutting fuel consumption
08 Aug 2011 08:28 GMT
Variable speed drives could reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent, says ABB.

Car carriers cut fuel consumption with low-friction paint
26 Jul 2011 07:18 GMT
New paint is said to improve fuel efficiency by 3-5 percent compared to a conventional hull coating.

Shippers' council opposed to levy on emissions
22 Jul 2011 13:01 GMT
European Shippers' Council says GHG reduction measures should be incentive-based, not punitive.

US port launches carbon calculator
20 Jul 2011 07:46 GMT
New tool factors in different vessel sizes and utilizations, and the recent trend of slow steaming.

Solar hybrid to launch in June 2012
18 Jul 2011 13:24 GMT
Power generated by solar panels is stored in lithium-ion batteries and used to power the ship while it is berthed.

IMO briefing on MEPC 62
18 Jul 2011 07:23 GMT
Briefing on energy efficiency measures adopted at IMO meeting.

Carbon War Room calls for efficiency ratings for all ships
16 Jul 2011 12:39 GMT
NGO says the new IMO standards, if applied to all ships, would save the industry US$50 billion per year.

IMO approves efficiency standard for new ships
15 Jul 2011 18:51 GMT
Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) regulation is approved at the MEPC's 62nd session in London.

ABS launches cold ironing guide
15 Jul 2011 13:31 GMT
New guide addresses key safety concerns and design considerations for shipboard installations.

Rotterdam 'fully supports' 2015 ECA regulation
11 Jul 2011 15:53 GMT

Reducing wind resistance to cut fuel costs
06 Jul 2011 17:23 GMT
Improved fuel efficiency is said to lower bulk carrier CO2 emissions by 520 tonnes per year.

Measurement reduces fuel consumption
06 Jul 2011 07:38 GMT
Technology used to measure rudder force is said to result in fuel savings of up to 3 percent.

World's largest kite-powered ship revealed
05 Jul 2011 06:34 GMT
Cargill signs agreement to install kite technology on dry bulk cargo vessel.

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