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Home » News » Vessel News - Q4 2009

Vessel News - Q4 2009

Alaska incident moves into fuel removal phase
28 Dec 2009 08:31 GMT
Focus turns to removing the remaining diesel fuel from vessel with two breached tanks.

Navy bunkering operation sparks uproar
17 Dec 2009 09:09 GMT
Royal Navy is criticized for using an aircraft carrier to refuel a warship.

Fuel cell-powered canal boat debuts in Amsterdam
10 Dec 2009 18:54 GMT
Vessel is said to be the world's first canal boat to be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Tour of world's first fuel cell ship in Copenhagen
09 Dec 2009 17:44 GMT
Offshore supply vessel Viking Lady to be presented in Copenhagen next week.

Maersk: World's 'first' biodiesel tests on container ship
09 Dec 2009 13:08 GMT
Shipping giant to carry out biofuel tests on container vessel in a bid to cut CO2 emissions.

Concept design for LNG distribution vessel completed
08 Dec 2009 12:27 GMT
New vessel could be used to distribute LNG to key bunker supply hubs in the future.

CEPSA launches new barge in Balboa
04 Dec 2009 15:24 GMT
Supplier increases its capacity by over 2,500 tonnes with launch of new delivery barge.

[Image: Existing barge Panamabunker X]

Design concept for LNG ferry completed
03 Dec 2009 11:51 GMT
'Next-generation' vessel will be powered by LNG fuel and achieve zero emissions whilst at berth.

Aegean takes delivery of 10th bunker tanker
03 Dec 2009 07:26 GMT
Vessel represents the tenth double-hull newbuild delivered in 2009.

Savannah: Vessel call rise bodes well for bunker sales
30 Nov 2009 11:32 GMT
Positive outlook for bunker sales as vessel calls increase by over 15 percent.

Ship powered by LNG fuel cells unveiled
26 Nov 2009 11:19 GMT
Low emission container freight vessel aims to cut CO2 emissions by 69 percent per container carried.

Aegean awarded oil spill recovery contract
20 Nov 2009 13:40 GMT
Aegean vessel to serve on standby in the English Channel and its Atlantic approaches.

Maiden voyage completed with 'fuel-saving' Azipods
19 Nov 2009 17:28 GMT
Oasis of the Seas crosses the Atlantic with fuel efficient propulsion system.

Faulty valve may have caused bunker spill
19 Nov 2009 12:47 GMT
State official says malfunctioning valve may have caused last month's San Francisco spill.

First sea trial of 'fuel-saving' device completed
19 Nov 2009 07:22 GMT
New product is said to cut bunker costs by improving the water inflow towards the propeller.

Bunker vessel delivered to Haugland Tankers
17 Nov 2009 11:49 GMT
New bunker tanker to be used for the transportation of clean and dirty oil products.

Paradip fuel oil removal completed
17 Nov 2009 07:16 GMT
Salvage firm is reported to have successfully retrieved fuel oil from sunken bulk carrier.

New ship cuts fuel consumption & GHGs
11 Nov 2009 07:28 GMT
Container ship is equipped with Fast Oil Recovery System and new device to cut fuel consumption.

'Zero emission' yacht presented in Florida
05 Nov 2009 07:32 GMT
New hybrid yacht is said to cut fuel consumption by up to 40 percent.

Freight ship hole patched, bunker spill curtailed
03 Nov 2009 09:51 GMT
Divers patch a hole to prevent further spillage of fuel into the Gulf of Mexico.

Ship carrying fuel sinks during recovery operation
02 Nov 2009 11:09 GMT
Fishing vessel carrying 2,000 gallons of fuel sinks near Alaska as recovery operation goes horribly wrong.

Bunker tanker built for Norwegian firm
30 Oct 2009 09:12 GMT
New vessel to be used for the transportation of clean and dirty oil products.

Argentine vessel to be made 'fuel efficient'
29 Oct 2009 12:22 GMT
Power, propulsion and automation solution aims to help icebreaker cut fuel consumption.

Solar-powered ferries to sail Hong Kong harbour
28 Oct 2009 09:12 GMT
Hybrid ferries are part of eco-drive to make the city more environmentally conscious.

Paradip fuel oil removal resumes
27 Oct 2009 09:12 GMT
Oil salvage work continues after clearance is obtained to transport the retrieved fuel.

Plan to launch battery-powered ferry in 2015
26 Oct 2009 07:07 GMT
Japanese firm completes the basic design for a 30-metre long electric ferry.

Spill recovery vessel presentation announced
21 Oct 2009 07:28 GMT
Vessel able to collect hydrocarbons at a rate of 100m3 per hour to be presented at UK seminar.

Aegean tanker earmarked for Trinidad & Tobago
19 Oct 2009 13:42 GMT
Supplier takes delivery of latest double-hull bunkering tanker from China.

Unions condemn treatment of bunker spill officers
16 Oct 2009 07:21 GMT
Trade unions jointly unite to condemn court Full City 'u-turn'.

Fuel oil spill in northern Spain
05 Oct 2009 11:12 GMT
Cargo ship is reported to have spilled around 1,000 litres of fuel.

30-40% fuel savings for cargo ship
02 Oct 2009 11:05 GMT
Dutch vessel expected to significantly reduce fuel costs and emissions with new container strategy.

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