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Home » News » Regulation, Legislation & Legal News - Q4 2009

Regulation, Legislation & Legal News - Q4 2009

US adopts new standards for large ships
23 Dec 2009 11:42 GMT
New regulation sets new fuel and engine standards for large US-flagged vessels.

IMO to 'readjust' work plan if necessary
23 Dec 2009 10:24 GMT
Secretary-General says IMO is ready to put in place a comprehensive regulatory framework to cut GHG's from ships.

Association warns of 'risk' of unilateral measures
21 Dec 2009 14:11 GMT
Warning that unilateral regulation would result in 'serious market distortions'.

Branson calls for shipping to set its own emissions targets
21 Dec 2009 11:53 GMT
Virgin founder says reduction targets would be more effective than a tax on bunker fuel.

COP15 'failure' a green light for EU ETS, says eco-group
21 Dec 2009 07:22 GMT
Organization says EU should push ahead with an emissions trading scheme for ships.

Deal on ship emissions 'blocked'
15 Dec 2009 06:32 GMT
Blocking countries insist only developed nations are involved in bunker reduction schemes, say eco-groups.

Polembros fined in fuel leak case
14 Dec 2009 09:02 GMT
Greek firm fined $2.7m after making false statements in connection with fuel oil leak.

Mitropoulos tells Copenhagen IMO is ready to act
14 Dec 2009 06:45 GMT
Secretary-General says IMO is 'uniquely placed' to regulate the shipping industry.

0.1% sulphur guide published
11 Dec 2009 16:42 GMT
Document answers questions on new 'at berth' requirement that ships burn 0.1% sulphur fuel oil.

SSA supports bunker levy scheme
10 Dec 2009 12:42 GMT
Association reaffirms its support for levy scheme to reduce GHG emissions from international shipping.

Countdown to Copenhagen (Part 3): Top 20 CO2 countries revealed
03 Dec 2009 08:28 GMT
Data shows that top 5 nations account for over 50 percent of global CO2 emissions from marine fuels.

Countdown to Copenhagen (Part 2): Marine bunker emissions in OECD countries
02 Dec 2009 08:14 GMT
Marine fuel emissions in Europe, North America and the Pacific are examined in our second feature article in the run up to Copenhagen.

Mitropoulos 'confident' shipping can improve fuel efficiency
25 Nov 2009 08:37 GMT
IMO Secretary-General says shipping can reduce its carbon footprint with 'carefully crafted measures'.

MARPOL Annex VI: IAPP Certificate update
23 Nov 2009 14:07 GMT
Latest update on the issuance of the new International Air Pollution Prevention (IAPP) Certificate.

GL issues fuel switch engine failure warning
20 Nov 2009 13:22 GMT
Classification society publishes guide on maintaining engine and boiler safety when using LSDO.

IMO to examine GHG regulation next week
20 Nov 2009 12:23 GMT
IMO Assembly to meet in London next week to review work carried out between 2008 and 2009.

Fuel switch demonstration in Gulf of Mexico
11 Nov 2009 11:08 GMT
Project launched to demonstrate the 'effectiveness' of using lower-sulphur fuels in ocean-going vessels.

IBIA issues sulphur content warning
11 Nov 2009 09:48 GMT
Association warns that ships could be subject to different sulphur limits from July 2010.

Associations back IMO on GHG issue
05 Nov 2009 15:22 GMT
Associations say emission reduction measures should only be implemented through the IMO.

EU confirms support for market-based instruments
23 Oct 2009 10:25 GMT
EU Council says it is in favour of the use of global market-based instruments to cut emissions.

EU document: Plan to set 20% emissions target
23 Oct 2009 09:22 GMT
EU plan to cut maritime emissions by 20 percent will be presented at Copenhagen meeting.

EMSA meeting on 0.1% sulphur fuel
20 Oct 2009 09:52 GMT
Concern raised over switch to ultra low sulphur MGO. Safety evaluation issue discussed.

Unions condemn treatment of bunker spill officers
16 Oct 2009 07:21 GMT
Trade unions jointly unite to condemn court Full City 'u-turn'.

BIMCO starts work on bunker clauses
15 Oct 2009 15:29 GMT
Sub-committee begins work on devising a suite of bunker clauses for time charter parties.

Rotterdam calls for 80% emissions reduction
13 Oct 2009 07:26 GMT
Joint appeal calls on the Dutch government to "shoulder its responsibilities".

Association committed to MBI consensus
08 Oct 2009 07:31 GMT
ICS says it is committed to developing a consensus on Market Based Instruments to cut emissions.

California issues fuel sulphur exemption advisory
02 Oct 2009 09:24 GMT
Marine notice covers exemption regulation on fuel sulphur for ships operating within California waters.

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