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Home » News » Air Pollution - Q4 2008

Air Pollution - Q4 2008

Jacksonville considers 380-cst ban
24 Dec 2008 08:12 GMT
Port officials in talks over 'cold ironing' project and prohibiting the use of 380-cst.

Solar-propelled cargo ship is launched
22 Dec 2008 17:25 GMT
Japan launches the world's first cargo ship propelled by solar power.

Vancouver to introduce 'cold ironing'
22 Dec 2008 08:03 GMT
Shore power to be provided for cruise ships from 2009.

Zenergy joins electric ship project
19 Dec 2008 17:25 GMT
Manufacturer to participate in project to develop electric ship concept.

Hybrid ferry to be sent to Alcatraz
17 Dec 2008 08:13 GMT
Wind, solar and diesel-powered vessel launched in San Francisco.

UK Chamber of Shipping supports emissons trading
16 Dec 2008 17:15 GMT
Representative body advocates global emissions trading scheme.

'Cold ironing' planned for Rotterdam
15 Dec 2008 15:13 GMT
Initiative is in line with Port Authority's aim to create a sustainable port.

California plans to raise carbon limits on fuels
15 Dec 2008 10:10 GMT
ARB proposes to reduce the carbon intensity of marine fuels by 25%.

Solar ship in green initiative
10 Dec 2008 09:19 GMT
Eco-event to cover energy-efficient attributes of solar cruise vessel.

US Congress to evaluate "Green Ship" initiative
04 Dec 2008 10:32 GMT
"Marine Highway" proposal would move freight to fuel-efficient ships and raise bunker volumes.

Slow steaming kit to cut fuel costs
04 Dec 2008 08:02 GMT
Upgrade kit aims to enable ships to sail at 60 percent full speed.

FASA committed to reducing ship emissions
02 Dec 2008 10:35 GMT
Shipping association encourages development of sustainable technologies.

$10m invesment for solar submarine
01 Dec 2008 08:18 GMT
Floating solar charging station concept could be applied to other vessel types.

Eco-ferry arrives in San Francisco
27 Nov 2008 10:19 GMT
Vessel is able to burn biodiesel and ultra-low-sulphur fuel.

Eco report calls for New York bunker tax
27 Nov 2008 08:02 GMT
Report also recommends East Coast switch to cleaner-burning fuels.

Workshop addresses air pollution at Russian ports
26 Nov 2008 08:06 GMT
Implementation of oil spill response measures in Baltic Sea is also discussed.

Dubai event to focus on cutting fuel costs
25 Nov 2008 10:53 GMT
Energy-efficient and eco-friendly technologies due to be unveiled.

New 'ecotech' unit is launched
24 Nov 2008 11:01 GMT
Eco-products unit will focus on emissions reduction and fuel efficiency.

Meeting to discuss emission reduction measures
14 Nov 2008 14:35 GMT
St. Petersburg meeting to evaluate Baltic NECA with tighter emission restrictions.

'Cold ironing' launched in California
14 Nov 2008 09:32 GMT
Project enables ships to cut bunker consumption and air pollution.

Fuel management firm selects tech partner
07 Nov 2008 10:02 GMT
Norwegian technology selected for fuel efficiency and emission reduction solutions.

RINA launches new 'green' certification
06 Nov 2008 17:04 GMT
Goal-based class notation will be based on an environmental performance index.

Multi-fuel engine deal is signed
03 Nov 2008 10:49 GMT
Supply deal agreed for engine that runs on heavy fuel oil, marine diesel or natural gas.

Proposal to reduce storage tank emissions
03 Nov 2008 09:45 GMT
EPA proposes options for controlling air toxic emissions from refinery storage tanks.

UK to include shipping in Climate Change Bill
28 Oct 2008 09:26 GMT
Government agrees to include shipping emissions in new legislation.

Canadian firm orders 'fuel saving' system
23 Oct 2008 11:15 GMT
'Low Loss Concept' system ordered for first passenger vessel.

Ship emission warning for marine insurers
22 Oct 2008 09:42 GMT
Increased legislation could fuel the next wave of environmental claims.

MOL tests LNG-fueled power system
20 Oct 2008 10:08 GMT
Mobile cold ironing technology aims to reduce emissions while at berth.

Switching to distillates 'does not work'
15 Oct 2008 08:02 GMT
Leigh-Jones: Fuel change would have a 'counter-productive environmental impact'.

Hellas Committee discusses CO2 emissions
14 Oct 2008 08:02 GMT
CO2 index evaluated as a means of reducing fuel costs and ship emissions.

US ratifies air pollution legislation
10 Oct 2008 09:35 GMT
US becomes 53rd country to ratify MARPOL Annex VI.

IMO praised for new emission standards
10 Oct 2008 08:03 GMT
US environmental group applauds MARPOL Annex VI ammendments.

Kittiwake buys majority stake in Krystallon
09 Oct 2008 16:25 GMT
UK-firm acquires majority shareholding in sea water scrubbing specialst.

US firms to launch marine fuel systems
08 Oct 2008 10:44 GMT
New product line designed to meet upcoming CARB and EPA regulations.

Report documents U.S. ship emissions
07 Oct 2008 08:07 GMT
Group calls for IMO committee to cut pollution from 'floating smokestacks'.

Ship emissions high on IMO agenda
06 Oct 2008 08:02 GMT
IMO committee expected to adopt MARPOL Annex VI ammendments this week.

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