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Samskip extends commitment to biofuel bunkers

Shipowner reveals plan to use biofuel on more of its vessels in 2021.

The Samskip Endeavour was the first vessel to be bunkered with biofuels through the GoodShipping initiative in September 2018. Image credit: Samskip

Updated on 22 Apr 2021 12:31 GMT

Dutch transportation firm Samskip has extended its commitment to the GoodShipping sustainable cargo initiative to run part of its fleet on marine biofuels - and hence significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

As previously reported over two years ago, a Samskip container vessel - the Samskip Endeavour - was the first ever ship to be biofuel-bunkered through the GoodShipping initiative when it was refuelled with 22,000 litres of hydrotreated vegetable oil made from used cooking oil back in September 2018. This was instead of the vessel's normal combination of heavy fuel oil (HFO) and marine gas oil (MGO).

The fossil-free bio-residual product made from sustainable waste streams has proved to be a successful substitute for conventional marine fuel as part of the Samskip Endeavour's operations between the Netherlands and Ireland.

Furthermore, by bunkering sustainable biofuels, Samskip enables cargo owners to reduce their ocean carbon footprint in their supply chains.

Under the renewed partnership agreement with GoodShipping, supplier GoodFuels is supporting Samskip's plan to rapidly extend the use of biofuels on more of its vessels this year.

GoodFuels' second-generation sustainable biofuels consist of certified feedstock, labelled as waste or residue.

"There are no land-use issues, no competition with food production or deforestation during the production process," Samskip points out.

Ásbjörn Gíslason, CCO and Deputy CEO at Samskip, commented: "Sustainability runs through Samskip as a core value from every perspective. Therefore, we take great pride in and welcome the collaboration with GoodShipping to strengthen our deep partnership, becoming one of their fulfilment and innovation partners.

"We always aim to build a better future and to leave a positive footprint on our planet. By playing a forward-thinking and pioneering role in the energy transition, our customers can now benefit from a simple and easy means of decarbonising their cargo streams. We get to pioneer advanced marine biofuels, and the environment benefits from an immediate carbon reduction."

Katarin van Orshaegen, Commercial Lead at GoodShipping, said: "This announcement marks yet another important milestone in our journey beyond the fossil default. Reducing fuel emissions and consumption is a vital next step for the maritime transport industry, so we are extremely pleased to have found a stable fulfilment outlet for our sustainable cargo streams with Samskip, deepening a long-term partnership that is helping to change the way our market thinks about future fuels."

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