VPS releases revised code of practice for bunker quantity surveying

Code of practice been developed in two sections and covers quality control of the field surveyor.

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Updated on 29 May 2017 07:06 GMT

Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS) has announced the development of a revised code of practice (COP) for bunker quantity surveying.

In a statement, VPS explained that the new and updated version of the VPS COP, released this month, is a culmination of the combined work carried out by the company's global bunker survey operations managers based in Rotterdam, Singapore, Fujairah and Houston, and is based upon experience gained from completing in excess of 100,000 surveys worldwide.

The COP has been developed in two sections. The first covers standard bunker quantity survey working procedures and includes ethics, safety, pre/post and during bunkering checks, sampling requirements and managing quantity variances.

The second section has been developed to address delivery of fuel via mass flow meter - not only to address the Port of Singapore requirements, but to be prepared to conduct such surveys in any bunker port in the world.

The COP also covers the need to develop and assess quality control of the field surveyor.

Whereas this new VPS code of practice for bunker quantity surveying is an internal quality document, the COP may be made available for external review as a controlled document on a case-to-case basis, VPS said.

Earlier this month, VPS also launched its new 'Quick Screening' service for the mass flow meter (MFM) delivery of bunkers in Singapore.

The intention of the service is to provide a quick 'pass/fail' preliminary guide on the performance of the mass flow meter - based on the meter profile and the field documents obtained by the VPS surveyor and assessed by the in-house VPS flow technologist.

This 'pass/fail' rating is to form part of the bunker quantity survey report, so that the information can be received in a timely manner.