New data gathering system for ECA compliance

Control unit collates data from scrubbers and continuous emissions monitoring systems.

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Updated on 12 Jan 2016 11:13 GMT

Parker Kittiwake Procal, part of the Parker Hannifin Corporation and a leading supplier of continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) for marine, power and offshore applications, has launched the new Procal 1200M data gathering system and control unit, specifically designed for maritime use by marine engineers.

In addition to collecting and processing data from Parker Kittiwake Procal's marine emissions analysers, the Procal 1200M is capable of sending and receiving data from devices which monitor exhaust gas scrubbing systems. This enables the collation and accurate reporting of data from various parameters, including SO2, CO2, NOx, PH, sea water temperature, turbidity, polyaromatichydrocarbon equivalents, and wash water flow rate.

The analysers communicate via a serial data link to the Procal 1200M, which can be located up to 1200m from the exhaust mounted CEMS, and data from up to sixteen channels per exhaust gas scrubbing system can be presented on an individual front panel.

Sealed to IP65 standards and specifically designed to be located in harsh marine environments, the Procal 1200M control unit is said to be able to generate detailed and accurate reports, aiding operators in meeting the stringent reporting requirements of today's environmental regulations. With three levels of password protection, the unit is also compliant with the security requirements of MARPOL Annex VI.

Spot sampling is becoming increasingly common in the Baltic and North Sea ECAs, and from January 1, 2016 the European Union requires member states to carry out sulphur tests on the marine fuel being used onboard many of the ships calling at their ports. Where mariners are unable to rapidly and effectively demonstrate compliance, even compliant vessels could incur delays.

Chris Daw, business development manager, Parker Kittiwake Procal, commented: "As environmental legislation continues to evolve in parallel with ecological awareness, the policing of compliance is becoming gradually more uniform and effective. Indeed, many Port State Controls, especially those in Europe and the US, are cracking down hard. With the potential for fines and delays, accurately demonstrating compliance is becoming a bottom line issue."

He continued: "An easy-to-use hub for all scrubber and CEMS related data, the Procal 1200M unit not only provides the crew with essential information, it also aids operators in collating detailed and accurate data for regulators to prove compliance."