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Home » News » News Archive - April 2013

News Archive - April 2013

Pevasa Group orders fuel-saving propulsion system
29 Apr 2013 18:23 GMT
System comprises three high-efficiency products that are said to increase efficiency by up to at least 9 percent.

Praxis Market Update
29 Apr 2013 15:33 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
29 Apr 2013 15:27 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
29 Apr 2013 11:16 GMT

Market Briefing
29 Apr 2013 11:08 GMT
Important economic key numbers to watch this week (Brent: $102.8)

V-Marine Fuels expands UK fleet
29 Apr 2013 10:33 GMT
Supply vessel to serve the Thames Estuary and English Channel markets.

Bunker trader leaves Chemoil
29 Apr 2013 08:59 GMT
Trader with specialist regional knowledge vacates his position at the company.

Fuel consumption lower than expected for Royal Caribbean
29 Apr 2013 08:22 GMT
First quarter fuel consumption per available passenger cruise day was lower than in 2012.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
29 Apr 2013 07:41 GMT

Commitment to develop LNG bunkering in Europe
26 Apr 2013 21:31 GMT
Gas companies to work together to develop LNG as a fuel for the maritime industry.

Repeat order for fuel-efficient fish transporting vessel
26 Apr 2013 12:10 GMT
Hull design and propulsion system are said to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Praxis Market Update
26 Apr 2013 11:47 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
26 Apr 2013 11:43 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
26 Apr 2013 09:43 GMT

Analysis of EU maritime law
26 Apr 2013 06:53 GMT

500th sale of fuel-saving engine
26 Apr 2013 06:29 GMT
Engine's optimised combustion reduces both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Singapore Market Commentary
26 Apr 2013 05:39 GMT

VTTI and Cattalini to study oil terminal construction in Brazil
25 Apr 2013 18:52 GMT
Agreement signed to study the feasibility of building and operating a crude oil storage terminal in Brazil.

Praxis Market Update
25 Apr 2013 13:32 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
25 Apr 2013 10:51 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
25 Apr 2013 10:41 GMT

Fuel oil stocks dip in Singapore
25 Apr 2013 09:12 GMT
Inventories have declined in seven out of the last eight weeks in Singapore.

Dan-Bunkering to launch Dubai office in Q3
25 Apr 2013 08:51 GMT
Danish firm to open its first office in the Middle East.

Market Briefing
25 Apr 2013 08:19 GMT
Hopes of increased demand in the U.S. - weak German data (Brent: 101.7).

Matson lowers Hawaii fuel surcharge
25 Apr 2013 07:17 GMT
Shipper cites the recent moderation in bunker prices as the reason for its surcharge cut.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
25 Apr 2013 05:51 GMT

Dutch bunker sector aims to improve dependability
24 Apr 2013 19:02 GMT
Issues to be addressed include traceability, undesirable substances, measurement of fuel supplied and the speed of delivery.

Praxis Market Update
24 Apr 2013 14:31 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
24 Apr 2013 14:26 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
24 Apr 2013 10:55 GMT

Market Briefing
24 Apr 2013 08:46 GMT
Watch out for shocking headlines (Brent: $100.7).

Scrubbers to be installed on two cruise vessels
24 Apr 2013 08:21 GMT
Scrubbers will remove over 98 percent of sulphur oxides from the ships' exhaust gas, says manufacturer.

JV to develop Washington crude-by-rail unloading and marine loading facility
24 Apr 2013 06:57 GMT
New Tesoro-Savage facility will be designed to initially handle 120,000 barrels per day.

Partnership to develop eco-friendly solutions for shipping
24 Apr 2013 06:14 GMT
Asian firms to work together to develop renewable energy and low emission solutions for the maritime industry.

Pakistan buys 700,000 tonnes of fuel oil
23 Apr 2013 18:39 GMT
Fuel oil is scheduled for delivery between April and July.

Praxis Market Update
23 Apr 2013 14:18 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
23 Apr 2013 14:13 GMT

Wrist Group posts robust 2012 results
23 Apr 2013 12:45 GMT
Sales surge almost 20 percent and earnings before tax increase by 16 percent.

Rotterdam Market Report
23 Apr 2013 10:05 GMT

International Bunkering promotes trader
23 Apr 2013 08:52 GMT
Trader Ajay Menon is promoted to the role of Senior Bunker/Lubricant Trader & Team Leader.

Market Briefing
23 Apr 2013 08:35 GMT
China figures disappoint (Brent: $99.7).

Bangladesh to increase fuel storage capacity
23 Apr 2013 07:41 GMT
Tank construction project includes plan to store 180-centistoke fuel oil.

Brightoil secures loan deal
22 Apr 2013 18:38 GMT
Agreement arranged with China Development Bank Corporation via its subsidiary Win Business Petroleum Group.

Propulsion system selected for two new cargo ships
22 Apr 2013 17:51 GMT
Integrated propeller and rudder system to be installed on two vessels being built for Neptune Lines.

Solving the energy challenge
22 Apr 2013 17:22 GMT
Energy solutions on show at Nor-Shipping 2013.

Global Vision Market Report
22 Apr 2013 16:33 GMT

Praxis Market Update
22 Apr 2013 14:13 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
22 Apr 2013 10:50 GMT

Dan-Bunkering launches Beijing office
22 Apr 2013 08:53 GMT
Company says it plans to open additional offices in China over the coming years.

Market Briefing
22 Apr 2013 08:38 GMT
U.K. downgraded (Brent: USD 99.8).

Praxis Market Update
19 Apr 2013 14:23 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
19 Apr 2013 10:37 GMT

Dan-Bunkering appoints marketing executive in Singapore
19 Apr 2013 09:01 GMT
Trader joins Dan-Bunkering's marketing team in Singapore.

Market Briefing
19 Apr 2013 08:32 GMT
Oil prices finding their feet (Brent: $99.7).

IOC sells two 180-cst fuel oil cargoes
19 Apr 2013 07:35 GMT
55,000 tonnes of 180-centistoke product could be heading to Fujairah, according to industry sources.

Power and propulsion systems ordered for LNG vessels
19 Apr 2013 06:28 GMT
New contracts awarded for two LNG carriers and an LNG Floating Storage Regasification Unit.

Fuel oil stocks fall in Singapore
19 Apr 2013 06:00 GMT
It is only the third time since April 2012 that stocks have fallen below 17 million barrels.

Praxis Market Update
18 Apr 2013 14:14 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
18 Apr 2013 14:12 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
18 Apr 2013 10:44 GMT

Value of diligent debt collection highlighted
18 Apr 2013 10:34 GMT
Review highlights the value of pursuing the collection of shipping industry debts in today's economic climate.

Market Briefing
18 Apr 2013 08:33 GMT
Oil price drop continues (Brent: $97.9).

China's first dual-fuel fishery administration vessel
18 Apr 2013 07:16 GMT
Vessel retrofitted to run on both liquefied natural gas and marine gasoil.

Event addresses efficient IT solutions for shipping
18 Apr 2013 06:15 GMT
Conference covers the latest developments in IT, ship design and shipbuilding.

LNG carrier design could be used for bunkering
18 Apr 2013 05:37 GMT
Bunker industry is a potential market for newly-approved LNG carrier design.

Global Vision Market Report
17 Apr 2013 12:52 GMT

Wärtsilä to supply inert gas systems for three vessels
17 Apr 2013 11:31 GMT
Systems are used to prevent the gas mixture in cargo tanks or bunkers from reaching a range where explosions could occur.

WFS to hold conference call and webcast
17 Apr 2013 11:17 GMT
Management team to discuss the company's first quarter results in conference call and webcast.

Market Briefing
17 Apr 2013 10:11 GMT
Expectations of continued QE increase risk appetite (Brent: $100.1).

Rotterdam Market Report
17 Apr 2013 10:08 GMT

Endofa to launch three tankers in West Africa
17 Apr 2013 07:41 GMT
Supplier to offer a full range of high and low sulphur fuel grades to customers in West Africa.

Ardmore aiming to set new standards in fuel efficiency
16 Apr 2013 13:36 GMT
Irish product and chemical tanker specialist adds performance monitoring technology across its fleet.

Praxis Market Update
16 Apr 2013 13:10 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
16 Apr 2013 13:02 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
16 Apr 2013 11:33 GMT

Market Briefing
16 Apr 2013 08:21 GMT
Risk-off continues (Brent: $99.8).

APL 'honoured' to win green award
16 Apr 2013 07:27 GMT
Imperative that APL continues its efforts to enhance the efficiency of its ships to remain competitive, says President.

Improving the fuel efficiency of recreational crafts
16 Apr 2013 06:58 GMT
Emerging trends to be analysed in upcoming web event.

Russian fuel oil heading to China?
16 Apr 2013 06:27 GMT
720,000 tonnes of Russian M100 fuel oil could be sold to 'teapot' refineries, industry sources report.

LNG service aimed at helping owners make 'smart choices'
15 Apr 2013 15:17 GMT
Service is aimed at enabling firms to make choices and investment decisions now in readiness for when LNG bunkering becomes widely available.

Polish bunker firm announces appointment
15 Apr 2013 14:31 GMT
New member of staff is appointed as bunker trader goes on maternity leave.

Global Vision Market Report
15 Apr 2013 14:29 GMT

Praxis Market Update
15 Apr 2013 13:16 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
15 Apr 2013 10:22 GMT

Market Briefing
15 Apr 2013 10:13 GMT
Economic key numbers keep oil prices down (Brent: $101.2).

Evergas orders dual-fuel solutions package
15 Apr 2013 08:50 GMT
Integrated technology set to make vessels 'the most environmentally sustainable LNG carriers ever built'.

Singapore sales rise from 3-year low
15 Apr 2013 07:37 GMT
Bunker sales increase in March, but quarterly figures are below 2012 levels.

EC proposes €160.5m funding to combat pollution
12 Apr 2013 19:36 GMT
Funding would be used to maintain the anti-pollution vessel network and develop satellite detection.

Global Vision Market Report
12 Apr 2013 13:07 GMT

LNG-fuelled inland shipping vessels launched
12 Apr 2013 12:28 GMT
LNG-powered tankers are described as 'a first' for the inland shipping industry.

Dual-fuel engines obtain EPA certification
12 Apr 2013 11:41 GMT
Manufacturer anticipates an increase in US demand for its dual-fuel engines as a result.

Rotterdam Market Report
12 Apr 2013 10:18 GMT

Enhancing the competitiveness of Singapore
12 Apr 2013 07:37 GMT
Initiatives include a rise in the port dues reduction for vessels that burn clean fuels or use approved abatement technology in Singapore.

Market Briefing
12 Apr 2013 07:09 GMT
Slow news day (Brent: $104.2).

Shell wins Singapore bunker award
11 Apr 2013 14:38 GMT
Ninth-largest supplier by volume is presented with this year's award.

Praxis Market Update
11 Apr 2013 14:16 GMT

Utility purchases fuel oil cargo
11 Apr 2013 14:02 GMT
30,000-tonne fuel oil cargo is scheduled for delivery at the end of this month.

Global Vision Market Report
11 Apr 2013 13:11 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
11 Apr 2013 11:03 GMT

Singapore: First fuel oil inventory rise in six weeks
11 Apr 2013 09:04 GMT
Most significant fuel oil stock increase since February 20.

Dynamic Oil Trading appoints Singapore trader
11 Apr 2013 08:47 GMT
Experienced trader to focus on the Singapore bunker market.

Market Briefing
11 Apr 2013 07:55 GMT
Fed to remove the training wheels? (Brent: $105.4).

Rolls-Royce in MoU to provide systems for LNG-fuelled tugs
10 Apr 2013 19:33 GMT
MoU signed wth Drydocks World Dubai for the Middle East market.

Praxis Market Update
10 Apr 2013 14:40 GMT

LNG consortium selects research ships
10 Apr 2013 14:23 GMT
Eight vessels are to be monitored in a research project to evaluate the use of LNG as a transport fuel.

Global Vision Market Report
10 Apr 2013 13:18 GMT

Castrol challenges SDA methodology
10 Apr 2013 12:24 GMT
Lube firm expresses concerns over the rigour of some scavenge drain oil analysis techniques used to verify lubricant performance.

Rotterdam Market Report
10 Apr 2013 12:03 GMT

Market Briefing
10 Apr 2013 08:31 GMT
FED Statement and oil inventories today (Brent: $106.1).

MPA and ITOPF renew agreement to expedite oil spill compensation claims
10 Apr 2013 08:16 GMT
Agreement covers a pre-agreed schedule of rates to expedite claims settlements.

ULCS calls set to rise at Jebel Ali
09 Apr 2013 14:33 GMT
UAE port expects ultra-large container ship calls to increase steadily following the completion of its dredging programme.

Teekay in deal to buy fuel-efficient tankers
09 Apr 2013 13:47 GMT
Four product tankers to be built by South Korean firm STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Global Vision Market Report
09 Apr 2013 12:41 GMT

KPI Bridge Oil appoints Group Marine Lubricants Sales Director
09 Apr 2013 11:11 GMT
Caroline Huot will be based at the group's Singapore office.

Lubmarine to supply new Panama Canal power plant
09 Apr 2013 10:46 GMT
Total Lubmarine is scheduled to deliver 350 tonnes of lubricant to the new Miraflores facility between March and April.

Rotterdam Market Report
09 Apr 2013 10:35 GMT

Market Briefing
09 Apr 2013 08:58 GMT
Mixed news for oil prices (Brent: $105.0).

Dynamic Oil Trading appoints three bunker traders
08 Apr 2013 16:33 GMT
Singapore firm announces the expansion of its fuel trading team.

Praxis Market Update
08 Apr 2013 14:27 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
08 Apr 2013 12:35 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
08 Apr 2013 11:24 GMT

Market Briefing
08 Apr 2013 09:11 GMT
Bank of Japan starts buying spree today (Brent: $104.6).

Marine fuel cleanup operation winding down
08 Apr 2013 07:56 GMT
Bunker spill cleanup efforts are wound down. Transpetro is accused of being 'very unprepared' to respond to the incident.

Yujin sells bunker tanker
08 Apr 2013 06:46 GMT
Bunker vessel is sold to Singapore-based operator.

Seattle joins Green Marine Environmental Program
08 Apr 2013 06:01 GMT
Seattle becomes the first U.S. port outside of the Great Lakes region to join Green Marine.

First Onboard DC Grid system delivered
05 Apr 2013 21:33 GMT
First vessel powered with Onboard DC Grid system to provide fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Port invites entries for 2013 eco awards
05 Apr 2013 16:48 GMT
Annual marine environmental award to be presented next month.

Praxis Market Update
05 Apr 2013 15:42 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
05 Apr 2013 13:55 GMT

CSAV to lower fuel consumption with vessel investment plan
05 Apr 2013 12:01 GMT
Board of directors approves plan to acquire seven new containerships.

Rotterdam Market Report
05 Apr 2013 11:21 GMT

Market Briefing
05 Apr 2013 07:16 GMT
Central banks all over the place (Brent: $106.4).

Cruise ships to include waste fuel recovery system
05 Apr 2013 07:01 GMT
Waste oil separator can recover up to 2 percent of a vessel's total fuel consumption, says manufacturer.

Praxis Market Update
04 Apr 2013 14:02 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
04 Apr 2013 13:41 GMT

Singapore: Lowest fuel oil stocks since August
04 Apr 2013 12:01 GMT
Fuel oil inventories fall for the fifth consecutive week in Singapore to their lowest level in seven months.

WTI vs BIX price comparison
04 Apr 2013 11:35 GMT
Analysis of WTI crude vs the BIX global bunker price.

Bunker Index (BIX) statistical summary
04 Apr 2013 11:18 GMT
Key monthly Bunker Index (BIX) data provided in price summary.

Rotterdam Market Report
04 Apr 2013 11:07 GMT

Market Briefing
04 Apr 2013 07:46 GMT
What will Draghi do? (Brent: $107.4).

Singapore MGO vs ICE Gas Oil
04 Apr 2013 06:41 GMT
Analysis of Singapore marine gas oil and ICE Gas Oil prices.

Singapore Market Commentary
04 Apr 2013 05:48 GMT

Praxis Market Update
03 Apr 2013 13:42 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
03 Apr 2013 12:04 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
03 Apr 2013 11:52 GMT

Brent vs BIX price comparison
03 Apr 2013 11:38 GMT
Analysis of Brent crude vs the BIX global bunker price.

Market Briefing
03 Apr 2013 08:14 GMT
China to ramp up Iranian crude imports? (Brent: $110.3).

March the least volatile month since December
03 Apr 2013 06:37 GMT
BIX data shows that price volatility fell for the first time since November during the month of March.

Fujairah 380-cst declines by 2.8 percent in March
03 Apr 2013 06:13 GMT
Most significant decrease in four months at the Middle East's leading bunker port.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
03 Apr 2013 05:15 GMT

GAC seals deal to serve Bibby Offshore UK fleet
02 Apr 2013 16:35 GMT
Agreement covers ship agency and complementary services such as bunker fuel supplies.

Praxis Market Update
02 Apr 2013 16:22 GMT

Rotterdam 380-cst down $28 in March
02 Apr 2013 13:27 GMT
Last month's decrease is the fourth over a six-month period.

Singapore 380-cst average falls $18 in March
02 Apr 2013 13:10 GMT
World's leading bunker port records the most significant monthly decline since November.

Rotterdam Market Report
02 Apr 2013 11:17 GMT

BIX global bunker average falls 3.3% in March
02 Apr 2013 09:28 GMT
Monthly global bunker average falls to its lowest level since December.

Market Briefing
02 Apr 2013 07:53 GMT
There’s something brewing in the land of oil and equities (Brent: $110.8).

Copec appoints bunker manager
02 Apr 2013 07:02 GMT
Appointment of new bunker manager follows the departure of Fernando Rouliez Roberts in February.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
02 Apr 2013 05:12 GMT

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