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Home » News » News Archive - February 2010

News Archive - February 2010

Praxis Market Update
26 Feb 2010 16:33 GMT

CI International Fuels opens US office
26 Feb 2010 11:09 GMT
Colombian bunker supplier opens new office in Miami.

Rotterdam Market Report
26 Feb 2010 10:38 GMT

Market Briefing
26 Feb 2010 10:02 GMT

Air blower project to cut CO2 emissions
26 Feb 2010 08:55 GMT
Experiments begin on air lubrication system to reduce CO2 emissions during marine transportation.

WFS net income up 12 percent in 2009
26 Feb 2010 06:47 GMT
Leading fuels specialist records a $12.1 million increase in net income in 2009.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
26 Feb 2010 06:14 GMT

Praxis Market Update
25 Feb 2010 18:06 GMT

Trading platform to price fuel in Wocu
25 Feb 2010 13:34 GMT
Marine fuels trading platform to price bunker fuel in Wocu, alongside USD, from Q2 2010.

Chemoil: 75.6% drop in net profit in 2009
25 Feb 2010 12:52 GMT
Net profit decreases to $11.5 million as sales revenue falls by 33.6 percent in 2009.

Market Briefing
25 Feb 2010 11:04 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
25 Feb 2010 10:44 GMT

Aegean: $8.6 million rise in net income in 2009
25 Feb 2010 10:27 GMT
Results led by a 19.1 percent increase in sales and 9.6 percent rise in the gross spread on marine petroleum products.

Agreement to develop dual-fuel engine
25 Feb 2010 09:23 GMT
New gas-injection, dual-fuel, low speed engine burns any ratio of fuel oil and gas.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
25 Feb 2010 08:48 GMT

Praxis Market Update
24 Feb 2010 15:25 GMT

TSA to coordinate slow steaming strategies
24 Feb 2010 11:23 GMT
Discussion of slow-steaming strategies is said to be 'a vital first step' in cutting fuel consumption and pollution.

Market Briefing
24 Feb 2010 10:55 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
24 Feb 2010 10:48 GMT

EEDI approach not feasible for small ships, says report
24 Feb 2010 10:19 GMT
Report concludes that basic EEDI calculation methodology requires 'further refinement'.

Jüngerhans orders slow steaming upgrade kits
24 Feb 2010 08:04 GMT
Shipowner to retrofit two of its vessels with slow steaming upgrade kits in order to cut fuel costs.

CEPSA Panama adds barge in Cristobal
24 Feb 2010 06:53 GMT
Bunker supplier strengthens its presence on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal.

Singapore Market Commentary
24 Feb 2010 06:04 GMT

Stebbins to speak at New York event
23 Feb 2010 15:25 GMT
World Fuel Services Chief Executive Office to give presentation in March.

Praxis Market Update
23 Feb 2010 14:54 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
23 Feb 2010 11:16 GMT

Market Briefing
23 Feb 2010 11:13 GMT

License agreement for low-speed, fuel-efficient engines
23 Feb 2010 11:06 GMT
Chinese firm licenses technology to market fuel-efficient, low-speed engines to customers.

Event to provide platform for setting emissions targets
23 Feb 2010 08:03 GMT
Congress Chairmen to meet later this week to discuss content for leading environmental event.

OW Bunker strengthens worldwide trading division
23 Feb 2010 07:03 GMT
New manager and key account manager appointed to drive further development.

Interview with George Diakoumakos, Praxis Energy Agents S.A.
23 Feb 2010 06:33 GMT
Diakoumakos speaks about the company's development and reasons for establishing a new office in Hamburg.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
23 Feb 2010 05:58 GMT

Praxis Market Update
22 Feb 2010 16:52 GMT

KPI Bridge Oil expands London office
22 Feb 2010 16:09 GMT
Bunker firm sharpens its focus on broking with the appointment of experienced professional.

Bunker Holdings appoints new Managing Director
22 Feb 2010 15:35 GMT
In-house lawyer is promoted to role of Director. Second bunker-related appointment also announced.

Market Briefing
22 Feb 2010 11:38 GMT

Dan-Bunkering 'moves forward' in Russia
22 Feb 2010 10:49 GMT
Leading bunker player is looking to increase business in Russia with a 'strong regional approach'.

Rotterdam Market Report
22 Feb 2010 10:48 GMT

Oil firm imports 780,000 mt of HSFO
22 Feb 2010 09:31 GMT
10 cargoes of 65,000 tonnes to be delivered between March and April.

Iran aims for up to 25% of Persian Gulf market
22 Feb 2010 07:28 GMT
Director says Iran's market share in the Persian Gulf looks set to reach 20-25 % by the end of the year.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
22 Feb 2010 06:37 GMT

Praxis Market Update
19 Feb 2010 16:05 GMT

New brand image for CEPSA Marine Fuels
19 Feb 2010 12:24 GMT
Spanish firm aims to 'maximise its international presence' by adoping the CEPSA corporate image.

Market Briefing
19 Feb 2010 11:32 GMT

PSO rejects FAL fuel oil cargo - source
19 Feb 2010 10:58 GMT
Ship carrying LSFO is reported to have been returned for exceeding contracted sulphur levels.

Rotterdam Market Report
19 Feb 2010 10:28 GMT

'Risks' associated with low sulphur legislation
19 Feb 2010 07:55 GMT
Leading expert warns of the 'danger' of having to switch fuel before crossing into a control area.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
19 Feb 2010 06:58 GMT

Praxis Market Update
18 Feb 2010 17:27 GMT

KPI Bridge Oil appoints trader in London
18 Feb 2010 17:13 GMT
Global marine fuels trader and broker expands UK team with latest appointment.

Rotterdam Market Report
18 Feb 2010 11:52 GMT

NYMEX to launch nine fuel oil contracts
18 Feb 2010 11:35 GMT
New fuel oil contracts are scheduled to be launched in less than three weeks' time.

Market Briefing
18 Feb 2010 11:02 GMT

SGX 380-cst contract gets green light in the US
18 Feb 2010 10:41 GMT
Market participants in the US are given the go-ahead to trade the SGX Fuel Oil 380-cst futures contract.

Shipping firm in agreement to cut fleet emissions
18 Feb 2010 10:08 GMT
Canadian company aims to reduce emissions with energy-efficient and GHG-reducing initiatives.

Ceremony held to transfer fuel delivery ship to Chile
18 Feb 2010 07:48 GMT
Newly-acquired vessel will be used to provide fuel replenishment to ships in the South Pacific.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
18 Feb 2010 06:18 GMT

Praxis Market Update
17 Feb 2010 17:17 GMT

First order for advanced lubricating system
17 Feb 2010 12:11 GMT
Wärtsilä is awarded contract to retrofit system designed to cut lube oil consumption.

New IBIA Board members announced
17 Feb 2010 11:46 GMT
International Bunker Industry Association reveals names of new board members.

Rotterdam Market Report
17 Feb 2010 10:41 GMT

Market Briefing
17 Feb 2010 10:09 GMT

IBIA elects new Chairman
17 Feb 2010 08:31 GMT
New Chairman aims to make IBIA 'more accessible'. Professional bunker qualification in the pipeline.

WFS to hold conference call and webcast
17 Feb 2010 07:47 GMT
Management team to discuss the company's fourth quarter and year-end 2009 results.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
17 Feb 2010 07:24 GMT

Praxis Market Update
16 Feb 2010 17:57 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
16 Feb 2010 12:48 GMT

New tool developed to investigate marine emissions
16 Feb 2010 11:42 GMT
Researchers use identification system to model ship emissions in the Baltic Sea.

Market Briefing
16 Feb 2010 10:21 GMT

First order for low fuel consumption engine
16 Feb 2010 10:03 GMT
New two-stroke engine is said to offer low fuel consumption as one of its major features.

Antwerp oil terminal project update
16 Feb 2010 07:44 GMT
Latest developments in the construction of the new Antwerp terminal, which will also be used for the refuelling of ships.

Rotterdam Market Report
15 Feb 2010 11:42 GMT

Aegean to hold conference call and webcast
15 Feb 2010 11:34 GMT
Bunker supplier to discuss fourth quarter 2009 results in February.

Market Briefing
15 Feb 2010 11:33 GMT

OW Bunker recommends traditional hedging products for Q1 2010
15 Feb 2010 10:20 GMT
Bunker firm advises clients to use swaps and physical fixed prices for the first quarter of 2010.

Sonker Bunkering to develop East Port Said terminal
15 Feb 2010 09:13 GMT
Bunker supplier in joint project to build liquid bulk storage terminal in East Port Said.

Praxis Market Update
12 Feb 2010 17:36 GMT

KPI Bridge Oil appoints trader in London
12 Feb 2010 16:48 GMT
Global marine fuels trader and broker expands UK team with latest appointment.

Fuel operations resume at Haiti's main terminal
12 Feb 2010 12:12 GMT
Restoration of terminal's marine operations have enabled crucial tanker shipments of fuel to resume to Haiti.

Rotterdam Market Report
12 Feb 2010 11:18 GMT

Market Briefing
12 Feb 2010 10:12 GMT

Public consultation on bunker legislation begins
12 Feb 2010 10:08 GMT
Six-week consultation on new legislation to regulate bunkering and ship-to-ship transfers is launched.

Shell launches lubricants facility in Jebel Ali
12 Feb 2010 08:14 GMT
New Jebel Ali Free Zone storage facility will be used to store product for the marine market.

Singapore Market Commentary
12 Feb 2010 07:17 GMT

Praxis Market Update
11 Feb 2010 14:42 GMT

New terminal development in Fujairah
11 Feb 2010 12:13 GMT
Swiss-based commodity firm announces the start of civil works on an oil storage terminal in Fujairah.

Rotterdam Market Report
11 Feb 2010 11:08 GMT

Neste Oil in agreement to improve its fuel economy
11 Feb 2010 10:46 GMT
Oil firm and bunker supplier aims to improve its fuel economy by making its ships more eco-friendly and energy efficient.

Market Briefing
11 Feb 2010 10:11 GMT

Livorno refinery 'no longer for sale'
11 Feb 2010 09:32 GMT
Refining and marketing director says bunker-producing refinery is no longer up for sale.

US port to up slow steaming incentives
11 Feb 2010 07:53 GMT
Additional $9 million in financial incentives to boost participation in slow steaming program.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
11 Feb 2010 06:58 GMT

Scrubber offer to 'save the Baltic Sea'
10 Feb 2010 18:31 GMT
Environmental promise to support action group in its mission to protect the Baltic Sea.

Sealub Alliance expands market coverage
10 Feb 2010 17:24 GMT
Sealub Alliance establishes manufacturing and distribution network in the United States and Canada.

Praxis Market Update
10 Feb 2010 14:48 GMT

Market Briefing
10 Feb 2010 10:54 GMT

Trading platform to launch in March
10 Feb 2010 10:52 GMT
Marine fuels trading platform aims to create a forward bunker market and help develop a derivatives market.

Rotterdam Market Report
10 Feb 2010 10:14 GMT

CEPSA operating at '100 percent' in Huelva
10 Feb 2010 07:38 GMT
Spanish supplier says it is now fully operational at the Andalucian port of Huelva.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
10 Feb 2010 06:51 GMT

Praxis Market Update
09 Feb 2010 16:48 GMT

New appointment for Termoil S.A.
09 Feb 2010 12:55 GMT
New member of staff joins Termoil's trading team in Piraeus.

New oil pollution inventory released
09 Feb 2010 11:12 GMT
New inventory lists R&D projects in the field of marine pollution preparedness, detection and response.

Rotterdam Market Report
09 Feb 2010 10:32 GMT

Market Briefing
09 Feb 2010 10:12 GMT

New bunker joint venture in Southern Africa
09 Feb 2010 09:06 GMT
Newly-formed joint venture operation to offer bunker fuels and lubricants in Southern Africa.

Lloyd's Register launches performance monitoring service
09 Feb 2010 07:21 GMT
New service aims to enable action to be taken before damage is caused to marine diesel two-stroke engines.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
09 Feb 2010 06:43 GMT

Praxis Market Update
08 Feb 2010 16:45 GMT

Wärtsilä launches suite of environmental services
08 Feb 2010 12:37 GMT
Finnish firm aims to strengthen its position as a leading provider of environmental retrofit solutions.

Rotterdam Market Report
08 Feb 2010 11:18 GMT

Market Briefing
08 Feb 2010 11:02 GMT

New bunker tanker for Italian supplier
08 Feb 2010 10:29 GMT
Italian firm acquires second double-hull bunker tanker from Turkish shipbuilder.

New ownership structure planned for Statoil
08 Feb 2010 10:11 GMT
Board of directors to evaluate new ownership structure for the group's energy and retail business.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
08 Feb 2010 06:52 GMT

Praxis Market Update
05 Feb 2010 15:22 GMT

Aegean CEO to present at Florida event
05 Feb 2010 12:22 GMT
E. Nikolas Tavlarios is scheduled to present at transportation services conference next week.

New associate member for SEAaT
05 Feb 2010 10:20 GMT
Fossil fuel-free ship builder joins emissions abatement and trading association as associate member.

Rotterdam Market Report
05 Feb 2010 10:13 GMT

FAL to shortly receive two new ships
05 Feb 2010 09:44 GMT
Sharjah-based firm increases its capacity with two more vessels from Asia.

Market Briefing
05 Feb 2010 09:42 GMT

New address for Praxis in Singapore
05 Feb 2010 08:02 GMT
Praxis Energy Agents (Pte.) Ltd relocates to new office address in the island city-state.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
05 Feb 2010 05:53 GMT

Praxis Market Update
04 Feb 2010 15:22 GMT

Halilfax bunker tanker acquired for US$9 million
04 Feb 2010 12:21 GMT
Newly-acquired vessel provides fuel delivery and vessel bunkering services within the Halifax Harbour.

New Branch Manager for OW Bunker HK
04 Feb 2010 10:17 GMT
Hong Kong manager will also take on the role of Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Asia.

Rotterdam Market Report
04 Feb 2010 10:08 GMT

Market Briefing
04 Feb 2010 08:39 GMT

World Fuel Services seeks $4.3m payment
04 Feb 2010 08:31 GMT
Court filing states that Iraq failed to pay for a portion of the goods supplied by Tramp Oil in 2006.

Petrobras opens office in Rotterdam
04 Feb 2010 06:53 GMT
Brazilian energy firm launches new office at Europe's leading bunkering location.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
04 Feb 2010 06:14 GMT

Praxis Market Update
03 Feb 2010 14:38 GMT

Market Briefing
03 Feb 2010 11:29 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
03 Feb 2010 11:21 GMT

New Regional Manager for GAC Sharjah
03 Feb 2010 11:16 GMT
GAC appoints new Regional Manager for the Middle East & Indian Subcontinent.

Shipbuilder to develop LNG and fuel cell technology
03 Feb 2010 10:44 GMT
South Korean firm unveils its plan to build only eco-friendly ships from 2015.

IBIA dispels confusion over EU sulphur directive
03 Feb 2010 08:12 GMT
CEO says there is no automatic dispensation for ships that have not yet been modified to use low sulphur fuel.

Aegean takes delivery of tanker newbuild
03 Feb 2010 06:58 GMT
New vessel is expected to deployed to the Gibraltar bunker market.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
03 Feb 2010 06:38 GMT

Praxis Market Update
02 Feb 2010 16:22 GMT

New manager for Petrobras Bunker
02 Feb 2010 12:17 GMT
New appointment replaces previous Petrobras Bunker Commercial Manager Ricardo Queiroz.

Market Briefing
02 Feb 2010 11:51 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
02 Feb 2010 11:42 GMT

BP remains top supplier in Singapore
02 Feb 2010 11:38 GMT
Top 20 bunker suppliers at the world's leading port are revealed.

One year on: ChemoilAdani making its mark in India
02 Feb 2010 10:20 GMT
ChemoilAdani says it has a firm strategy in place to maintain its position as leading supplier in India.

Wärtsilä hails success of new fuel-efficient engines
02 Feb 2010 09:48 GMT
Finnish firm says it has enjoyed considerable sales success with its new low-speed engine.

Impact warning: Concession fee on bunkering
02 Feb 2010 08:04 GMT
Shippers warn of the potential economic impact of a new concession fee on bunkering.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
02 Feb 2010 05:48 GMT

Praxis Market Update
01 Feb 2010 16:14 GMT

Drop in net earnings for US barge operator
01 Feb 2010 12:26 GMT
Fuel oil transportation firm sees net income fall by 24 percent during the fourth quarter.

Rotterdam Market Report
01 Feb 2010 11:08 GMT

New office for Bunkers International
01 Feb 2010 11:03 GMT
Singapore-based Bunkers International (S) Pte Ltd. relocates to new office premises.

Port celebrates 5-year eco-program landmark
01 Feb 2010 10:19 GMT
Green policy has led to a significant decrease in air pollution over a five-year period.

Market Briefing
01 Feb 2010 09:47 GMT

Singapore Exchange to start 380-cst contract
01 Feb 2010 08:42 GMT
New fuel oil contract is due to commence trading later this month.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
01 Feb 2010 05:48 GMT

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