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Home » News » News Archive - December 2009

News Archive - December 2009

Wärtsilä signs LNG vessel agreement
30 Dec 2009 12:54 GMT
Agreement signed for vessels powered by natural gas, marine diesel oil and fuel oil.

Rotterdam Market Report
30 Dec 2009 11:13 GMT

Market Briefing
30 Dec 2009 10:51 GMT

New anchorage in the North Sea
30 Dec 2009 10:34 GMT
Newly designated anchorage area is able to accommodate around fifteen vessels.

Russian terminal launch set to hit Gdansk bunker sales
30 Dec 2009 10:19 GMT
Launch of new oil terminal is expected to have a negative effect on bunker sales volumes in Gdansk.

New berths for Rotterdam storage terminal
30 Dec 2009 06:57 GMT
Berthing capacity is increased to reduce congestion in the port of Rotterdam.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
30 Dec 2009 05:58 GMT

Refiner sells Jan. 380-cst cargoes
29 Dec 2009 14:52 GMT
Fuel oil lots are reportedly sold to UAE firm and oil major at a discount to Singapore spot quotes.

Rotterdam Market Report
29 Dec 2009 11:57 GMT

Chinese bunker supplier files for IPO
29 Dec 2009 11:32 GMT
Andatee China Marine Fuel Services files for an initial public offering of its common stock.

Market Briefing
29 Dec 2009 10:03 GMT

Fuel removed from Bligh Reef tug
29 Dec 2009 09:12 GMT
Fuel is pumped out from damaged tugboat that ran aground on Exxon Valdez reef.

Asia-Australia lines to raise bunker surcharge
29 Dec 2009 07:02 GMT
AADA to increase surcharge for shipments from Hong Kong and China to Australia.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
29 Dec 2009 06:34 GMT

Praxis Market Update
28 Dec 2009 15:38 GMT

Market Briefing
28 Dec 2009 11:16 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
28 Dec 2009 10:33 GMT

Alaska incident moves into fuel removal phase
28 Dec 2009 08:31 GMT
Focus turns to removing the remaining diesel fuel from vessel with two breached tanks.

Japan: Bunker C sales nosedive in November
28 Dec 2009 06:41 GMT
Volumes of B- and C- type fuel oil plummet 35 percent in November 2009.

Iran forecasts drop in bunker sales revenue
28 Dec 2009 06:08 GMT
Annual revenue expected to fall despite positive bunker sales volumes.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
28 Dec 2009 05:16 GMT

Vopak signs joint venture MOU
24 Dec 2009 12:57 GMT
Terminal operator aims to develop bulk liquid terminal facilities in the Middle East.

Rotterdam Market Report
24 Dec 2009 12:24 GMT

Med average jumps $12.77 per tonne
24 Dec 2009 12:19 GMT
Mediterranean prices rise as MGO average surges $23.85 per tonne.

Lukoil signs bunkering agreement
24 Dec 2009 08:08 GMT
Lukoil agrees deal to collaborate in the areas of bunkering, oil spill response and port operations.

Singapore Market Commentary
24 Dec 2009 06:27 GMT

Praxis Market Update
23 Dec 2009 17:26 GMT

US adopts new standards for large ships
23 Dec 2009 11:42 GMT
New regulation sets new fuel and engine standards for large US-flagged vessels.

Rotterdam Market Report
23 Dec 2009 11:21 GMT

IMO to 'readjust' work plan if necessary
23 Dec 2009 10:24 GMT
Secretary-General says IMO is ready to put in place a comprehensive regulatory framework to cut GHG's from ships.

Market Briefing
23 Dec 2009 10:18 GMT

Expansion project planned for St. Petersburg
23 Dec 2009 08:07 GMT
Peterburg Oil Terminal plans to expand its capacity by approximately 25 percent.

Shell NZ signs letter of intent
23 Dec 2009 06:33 GMT
Letter of intent is signed for the sale of Shell New Zealand's downstream assets.

Singapore Market Commentary
23 Dec 2009 05:56 GMT

Praxis Market Update
22 Dec 2009 14:06 GMT

China: Fuel oil imports fall in November
22 Dec 2009 13:52 GMT
Imports decline year-on-year in November. Further falls expected in Q1 2010 due to tax rise.

Market Briefing
22 Dec 2009 10:20 GMT

'CO2-reducing' fuel additive is launched
22 Dec 2009 09:15 GMT
New fuel additive is said to improve both combustion and sludge dispersion in heavy fuel oils.

380-cst cargoes offered for January loading
22 Dec 2009 08:06 GMT
Two fuel oil cargoes are scheduled for lifting next month from east Indian ports.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
22 Dec 2009 07:22 GMT

Praxis Market Update
21 Dec 2009 18:14 GMT

Association warns of 'risk' of unilateral measures
21 Dec 2009 14:11 GMT
Warning that unilateral regulation would result in 'serious market distortions'.

Rotterdam Market Report
21 Dec 2009 13:58 GMT

Market Briefing
21 Dec 2009 12:18 GMT

Branson calls for shipping to set its own emissions targets
21 Dec 2009 11:53 GMT
Virgin founder says reduction targets would be more effective than a tax on bunker fuel.

EU approves Bominflot's acquisition of SBI
21 Dec 2009 07:45 GMT
German bunker supplier is granted permission to acquire control of SBI Holding BV.

COP15 'failure' a green light for EU ETS, says eco-group
21 Dec 2009 07:22 GMT
Organization says EU should push ahead with an emissions trading scheme for ships.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
21 Dec 2009 06:07 GMT

Dubai firm wins Fujairah refinery contract
18 Dec 2009 13:12 GMT
Nine-month project includes the construction of pipelines at the Port of Fujairah.

Rotterdam Market Report
18 Dec 2009 12:12 GMT

Market Briefing
18 Dec 2009 10:11 GMT

Taranto refinery shuts for maintenance
18 Dec 2009 09:21 GMT
Eni confirms closure of Taranto facility as maintenance date is brought forward.

China: Slowdown in bunker sales growth predicted
18 Dec 2009 07:32 GMT
Bunker consumption is forecast to increase at a slower rate up until 2013.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
18 Dec 2009 06:23 GMT

China raises fuel oil import tariff
17 Dec 2009 16:54 GMT
Fuel oil imports expected to fall in January and February as buyers rush to bring in cargoes.

Shipping could cut emissions by 30% at zero cost, says study
17 Dec 2009 12:54 GMT
Results of a new study are presented on board the world's first commercial fuel cell ship.

Rotterdam Market Report
17 Dec 2009 11:34 GMT

Market Briefing
17 Dec 2009 11:11 GMT

Navy bunkering operation sparks uproar
17 Dec 2009 09:09 GMT
Royal Navy is criticized for using an aircraft carrier to refuel a warship.

Oil firm offers prompt 380-cst cargo
17 Dec 2009 06:44 GMT
30,000-tonne lot is scheduled for loading end-December.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
17 Dec 2009 05:48 GMT

Praxis Market Update
16 Dec 2009 15;24 GMT

Dan-Bunkering launches new fixed price agreements
16 Dec 2009 14:56 GMT
Danish firm says new product has been launched to adapt to current market conditions.

Rotterdam Market Report
16 Dec 2009 12:37 GMT

Chemoil shares nosedive 15% after Glencore bid
16 Dec 2009 11:57 GMT
Chemoil stock value plummets following one-day trading halt.

Market Briefing
16 Dec 2009 11:21 GMT

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
16 Dec 2009 08:52 GMT

SLPA to supply off Hambantota in Q1 2010
16 Dec 2009 08:28 GMT
Sri Lanka Ports Authority to target small and medium-sized vessels in new bunker supply venture.

Stebbins enters into stock trading plan
16 Dec 2009 00:04 GMT
World Fuel Services CEO to sell company stock in 2010.

Praxis Market Update
15 Dec 2009 17:47 GMT

Matrix Bharat begins bunker operations in Mumbai
15 Dec 2009 15:34 GMT
Supplier starts offering 380-centistoke to clients at west coast Indian port.

Rotterdam Market Report
15 Dec 2009 12:21 GMT

Market Briefing
15 Dec 2009 09:45 GMT

Solar Sailor opens office in Japan
15 Dec 2009 09:13 GMT
Australian firm says it will be seeking partners in Japan to help develop its solar & wind power technologies.

Glencore buys majority stake in Chemoil
15 Dec 2009 07:51 GMT
Family of Chemoil founder Robert Chandran agrees to sell its 51 percent stake in the company.

Deal on ship emissions 'blocked'
15 Dec 2009 06:32 GMT
Blocking countries insist only developed nations are involved in bunker reduction schemes, say eco-groups.

Singapore Market Commentary
15 Dec 2009 06:01 GMT

OW Bunker highlights Australia office growth
14 Dec 2009 15:38 GMT
Leading bunker player says its Australia operation has significantly expanded its customer base over the past year.

Praxis Market Update
14 Dec 2009 15:16 GMT

Aegean signs $100 million credit facility
14 Dec 2009 13:33 GMT
Company plans to use its liquidity to increase market share and capitalize on 'consolidation opportunities'.

Singapore 380-cst sales overtake 2008 total
14 Dec 2009 12:42 GMT
Accumulated 380-cst sales for Singapore's best-selling grade surpass last year's total with one month to spare.

Market Briefing
14 Dec 2009 11:22 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
14 Dec 2009 11:13 GMT

Polembros fined in fuel leak case
14 Dec 2009 09:02 GMT
Greek firm fined $2.7m after making false statements in connection with fuel oil leak.

Mitropoulos tells Copenhagen IMO is ready to act
14 Dec 2009 06:45 GMT
Secretary-General says IMO is 'uniquely placed' to regulate the shipping industry.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
14 Dec 2009 06:20 GMT

0.1% sulphur guide published
11 Dec 2009 16:42 GMT
Document answers questions on new 'at berth' requirement that ships burn 0.1% sulphur fuel oil.

Med average drops $15.65
11 Dec 2009 15:38 GMT
Bunker Index Med (BIX MED) down to $527.89 as prices plummet 6.2 percent since Monday.

Supplier cuts emissions with LNG strategy
11 Dec 2009 14:26 GMT
Norwegian firm says three out of four supply vessels are now powered by LNG.

Speed reduction project aims to cut emissions
11 Dec 2009 12:22 GMT
Working group intends to make a submission to the IMO in March next year.

Market Briefing
11 Dec 2009 11:22 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
11 Dec 2009 10:48 GMT

Singapore Market Commentary
11 Dec 2009 05:46 GMT

Fuel cell-powered canal boat debuts in Amsterdam
10 Dec 2009 18:54 GMT
Vessel is said to be the world's first canal boat to be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Praxis Market Update
10 Dec 2009 16:42 GMT

Market Briefing
10 Dec 2009 13:04 GMT

SSA supports bunker levy scheme
10 Dec 2009 12:42 GMT
Association reaffirms its support for levy scheme to reduce GHG emissions from international shipping.

Rotterdam Market Report
10 Dec 2009 11:21 GMT

Fruit firm selects tech service to manage bunker risk
10 Dec 2009 10:28 GMT
Food distributor to manage bunker price exposure with risk management solution.

Conference offers 15% discount to Bunker Index users (FREE)
10 Dec 2009 07:16 GMT
Special offer available to Bunker Index users that book before 18th December.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
10 Dec 2009 06:23 GMT

Tour of world's first fuel cell ship in Copenhagen
09 Dec 2009 17:44 GMT
Offshore supply vessel Viking Lady to be presented in Copenhagen next week.

Copenhagen to showcase fuel cell technology
09 Dec 2009 17:29 GMT
Fuel cell applications for the marine industry to be exhibited at eco-event next week.

Maersk: World's 'first' biodiesel tests on container ship
09 Dec 2009 13:08 GMT
Shipping giant to carry out biofuel tests on container vessel in a bid to cut CO2 emissions.

Rotterdam Market Report
09 Dec 2009 11:56 GMT

Market Briefing
09 Dec 2009 11:53 GMT

Bunker Index (BIX) key data summary
09 Dec 2009 11:40 GMT
Monthly summary data for April to November 2009 period.

Faber Marine supplier licence cancelled
09 Dec 2009 08:09 GMT
Singapore bunkering licence is revoked following the conviction of company director.

Titan in $315m debt restructuring plan
09 Dec 2009 07:49 GMT
Debt-laden Hong Kong-listed group plans to restructure US$315.4m notes.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
09 Dec 2009 06:32 GMT

Praxis Market Update
08 Dec 2009 16:21 GMT

Concept design for LNG distribution vessel completed
08 Dec 2009 12:27 GMT
New vessel could be used to distribute LNG to key bunker supply hubs in the future.

Rotterdam Market Report
08 Dec 2009 11:39 GMT

Market Briefing
08 Dec 2009 10:15 GMT

Dan-Bunkering appoints trader for Russian market
08 Dec 2009 10:02 GMT
Newly appointed trader will form part of the company's sales team for Russia.

Bunker Index launches BunkerQ&A interview service
08 Dec 2009 08:04 GMT
BunkerQ&A is the first interview service for the bunker industry to be published exclusively online.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
08 Dec 2009 06:50 GMT

Venezuela: Product availability update
07 Dec 2009 16:36 GMT
Bunker supplier PDVSA provides update on product availability in Venezuelan ports.

Praxis Market Update
07 Dec 2009 15:32 GMT

Market Briefing
07 Dec 2009 11:37 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
07 Dec 2009 11:21 GMT

Interview with Henrik Zederkof, Managing Director, A/S Dan-Bunkering
07 Dec 2009 10:28 GMT
Zederkof reveals details of Dan-Bunkering's strategy in Singapore and Southern Asia.

More research needed to cut ship emissions, says CEO
07 Dec 2009 10:12 GMT
Chief Executive says more investment is needed to develop solutions to cut CO2 emissions.

Singapore 380-cst contract to launch in Q1 2010
07 Dec 2009 09:14 GMT
Announcement follows news that rival is set to launch commodity derivatives exchange next year.

UK firm issues Copenhagen warning
07 Dec 2009 07:17 GMT
Decisions taken in Copenhagen may not become clear for at least six months, says marine equipment specialist.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
07 Dec 2009 05:52 GMT

Praxis Market Update
04 Dec 2009 16:09 GMT

CEPSA launches new barge in Balboa
04 Dec 2009 15:24 GMT
Supplier increases its capacity by over 2,500 tonnes with launch of new delivery barge.

[Image: Existing barge Panamabunker X]

Rotterdam Market Report
04 Dec 2009 11:05 GMT

Market Briefing
04 Dec 2009 10:57 GMT

Gold an 'early warning' of higher oil prices
04 Dec 2009 08:33 GMT
Latest oil market report warns that the price of gold is an early indicator of higher inflation.

World Fuel Services declares cash dividend
04 Dec 2009 07:27 GMT
US firm says dividend amount reflects the previously announced two-for-one stock split.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
04 Dec 2009 06:56 GMT

Praxis Market Update
03 Dec 2009 16:51 GMT

CEPSA offers 0.1% MGO in Tenerife
03 Dec 2009 14:52 GMT
Spanish firm says it now delivers 0.1% sulphur fuel at all the ports where it supplies.

Med average plummets $13.86 per tonne
03 Dec 2009 13:31 GMT
Bunker Index Med (BIX MED) down to $553.40 as prices tumble in the region.

Design concept for LNG ferry completed
03 Dec 2009 11:51 GMT
'Next-generation' vessel will be powered by LNG fuel and achieve zero emissions whilst at berth.

Rotterdam Market Report
03 Dec 2009 11:03 GMT

Market Briefing
03 Dec 2009 09:54 GMT

Countdown to Copenhagen (Part 3): Top 20 CO2 countries revealed
03 Dec 2009 08:28 GMT
Data shows that top 5 nations account for over 50 percent of global CO2 emissions from marine fuels.

Aegean takes delivery of 10th bunker tanker
03 Dec 2009 07:26 GMT
Vessel represents the tenth double-hull newbuild delivered in 2009.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
03 Dec 2009 06:51 GMT

Praxis Market Update
02 Dec 2009 15:28 GMT

Cruise line reduces bunker consumption by 5%
02 Dec 2009 12:15 GMT
European cruise line cuts fuel consumption with energy-saving initiatives.

Market Briefing
02 Dec 2009 10:48 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
02 Dec 2009 10:38 GMT

Countdown to Copenhagen (Part 2): Marine bunker emissions in OECD countries
02 Dec 2009 08:14 GMT
Marine fuel emissions in Europe, North America and the Pacific are examined in our second feature article in the run up to Copenhagen.

CSCL aims to cut fuel consumption
02 Dec 2009 07:13 GMT
Low fuel consumption said to be the 'key technical reason' for selecting 2-stroke engine for its container vessels.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
02 Dec 2009 06:42 GMT

Praxis Market Update
01 Dec 2009 17:18 GMT

BIX average rises 5.8 percent in November
01 Dec 2009 16:32 GMT
Average monthly global bunker price increases by $28.72 per tonne in November.

Fuel cell trial scheduled for December
01 Dec 2009 13:43 GMT
First solid oxide fuel cell test in a marine environment is due to take place later this month.

Wärtsilä launches new dual-fuel engine
01 Dec 2009 12:57 GMT
'Fuel flexibility' offered by engine that runs on natural gas, marine diesel oil, heavy fuel oil and biofuels.

Rotterdam Market Report
01 Dec 2009 11:02 GMT

Market Briefing
01 Dec 2009 09:48 GMT

Countdown to Copenhagen (Part 1): Global CO2 emissions from marine fuels
01 Dec 2009 08:06 GMT
Bunker Index looks at global CO2 emissions from marine fuels in the first of a series of articles in the run up to Copenhagen.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
01 Dec 2009 06:23 GMT

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