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Home » News » Regulation, Legislation & Legal News - Q4 2014

Regulation, Legislation & Legal News - Q4 2014

US government grants pollution law exemption to Royal Caribbean
30 Dec 2014 23:13 GMT
Cruise line is given time to develop and install scrubbers on 13 of its ships.

New fuel changeover calculator launched
30 Dec 2014 22:33 GMT
Lloyd's Register's new calculator has been designed to cater for the new 0.1% sulphur requirement in Emission Control Areas.

New standard bunker contract released
29 Dec 2014 13:31 GMT
Boilerplate contract is designed to provide a 'solid contractual platform' for bunker deals.

ARB's guidance for complying with fuel regulations
29 Dec 2014 09:56 GMT
Advisory for owners or operators of ocean-going vessels visiting California ports.

IMO issues ECA 0.1% sulphur reminder
24 Dec 2014 13:31 GMT
International Maritime Organization (IMO) reminds the shipping community about the upcoming Emission Control Area (ECA) regulation changes on January 1.

Skuld issues ultra low sulphur fuel advisory
22 Dec 2014 13:31 GMT
Advisory issued to members on legal issues relating to new ultra low sulphur fuel regulations.

Marine fuel and MARPOL Annex VI programmes launched
19 Dec 2014 14:40 GMT
Programmes are designed to help ship owners meet tighter fuel and emission controls.

LNG bunkering guidelines discussed at IACS meeting
12 Dec 2014 16:05 GMT
December council meeting was held in London on December 11.

Shipping confidence at two-year low as concern mounts over regulation costs
12 Dec 2014 13:05 GMT
Survey reveals increasing concern about the high cost of achieving compliance with new regulations.

EU regulation on CO2 reporting of ships could complicate global agreement, says ICS
28 Nov 2014 07:59 GMT
ICS says the adoption of a regional EU scheme could jeopardise IMO negotiations for a global data collection system.

Text messages between CEOs of OW and Dynamic Oil Trading days before collapse
28 Nov 2014 00:02 GMT
Dynamic Oil Trading's CEO is asked questions about Tankoil's debt and told 'it is also important that you keep a close track of these balances'.

PWC, ING Bank strike agreement over collection of OW's assets
27 Nov 2014 19:10 GMT
Trustee says 'the chances of material recoveries for Danish unsecured creditors after repaying the banks are significantly improved'.

Guidelines for 2015 low sulphur compliance released
25 Nov 2014 16:31 GMT
Document provides regulatory overview, describes potential difficulties with the fuel changeover procedure and looks at which technologies can best help vessels fulfil the new requirements.

OW Bunker: was there sufficient warning to shareholders about risk? (Part 1)
24 Nov 2014 12:42 GMT
Examining how the issue of risk was addressed in OW Bunker's IPO prospectus.

OW's CEO accuses three Dynamic Oil Trading staff of not reporting huge credit
24 Nov 2014 02:15 GMT
Lawyer of Dynamic Oil Trading director claims senior management ought to have been 'fully aware' of the situation.

Carnegie scrutinized in Sweden over OW Bunker bankruptcy
24 Nov 2014 00:01 GMT
Investment bank is 'asked questions' by Sweden's Financial Supervisory Authority about the collapse of Danish bunker firm.

Will Kenneth Rosenmeyer's comments lead to lawsuits?
21 Nov 2014 22:17 GMT
Former OW Bunker risk manager is quoted as saying that the $27 million he made in 2013 was from 'pure speculation'.

OW Bunker's global debt and the claims so far
19 Nov 2014 13:28 GMT
Global debt is estimated at $1.5 billion with outstanding fuel bills of $730 million.

Dynamic Oil Trading Singapore files for liquidation
19 Nov 2014 12:31 GMT
OW Bunker subsidiary files for liquidation. KPMG appointed as provisional liquidator.

Law firm names OW Bunker response team
18 Nov 2014 15:01 GMT
Ince & Co names the team of lawyers that will be handling issues relating to the collapse of OW Bunker.

OW Bunker bankruptcy update
18 Nov 2014 12:10 GMT
Update on bankruptcy proceedings relating to subsidiaries of OW Bunker.

Skuld issues 'urgent' notice on bankruptcy of OW Bunker A/S
18 Nov 2014 08:30 GMT
Advisory is issued to members of the protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance provider.

OW Bunker's U.S. units file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
14 Nov 2014 13:31 GMT
Unsecured creditors include NuStar Energy, Phillips 66 and Tesoro Marine Services.

The OW Bunker claims list: $21.5m, 9 claims and counting
13 Nov 2014 16:23 GMT
Seven companies are said to have made nine claims in Singapore's courts over the last few days - $10.7 million against OW Bunker Far East and $10.8 million against Dynamic Oil Trading.

Hin Leong seeks $1.3 million from OW Bunker Far East
11 Nov 2014 17:55 GMT
Oil trader prepares lawsuit against OW Bunker subsidiary.

Bankruptcy order issued against OW Bunker
07 Nov 2014 19:24 GMT
Company confirms that 'it has not been possible to find a sustainable solution' as bankruptcy order is issued by the probate court in Aalborg.

OW Bunker commences in-court restructuring procedure, expects to be insolvent
06 Nov 2014 09:51 GMT
Danish firm confirms its decision to file for in-court restructuring and assumes 'the group's equity is lost'.

OW Bunker announces $125m 'fraud', additional 'significant' loss and sacking
06 Nov 2014 01:30 GMT
Bunker firm reports 'fraud' by senior employees in Singapore, a 'significant risk management loss' and the dismissal of its Head of Risk Management.

IBIA launches Port Charter to improve marine fuel quality
05 Nov 2014 13:12 GMT
Signatories to the IBIA Port Charter will need to demonstrate that they have a licensing scheme for bunker suppliers in their port.

Total Lubmarine investing in 'future-proof' lubricants
30 Oct 2014 12:22 GMT
Supplier is 'committed to investing in the chemistry' to deliver simple-to-use lubricants.

Intertanko supports IMO bunker quality control decision
24 Oct 2014 15:07 GMT
Association backs decision to consider introducing measures to improve controls of bunkers delivered to ships.

Fuel oil availability guidelines released
24 Oct 2014 13:16 GMT
Guidelines are designed to provide advice on the implementation of Reg. 18 of Chapter III of Annex VI of MARPOL on Fuel Oil Availability.

NGO calls for transparency on 2015 bunker surcharges
24 Oct 2014 12:44 GMT
Secretary-General says information on additional costs is needed now as shippers set their freight budgets for 2015.

IBIA welcomes IMO 'bunker compromise'
24 Oct 2014 00:29 GMT
IBIA chief executive describes MEPC 67 fuel quality development as 'a step forward by IMO'.

MEPC 67: Summary of bunker-related issues
23 Oct 2014 14:15 GMT
Topics discussed included the development of a data collection system for fuel consumption, a methodology framework for a review on the availability of compliant fuel oil, and a quality assurance guidance for fuel oil deliveries.

Arctic fuel oil ban recommendation approved
20 Oct 2014 11:58 GMT
A recommendation to prevent ships from carrying heavy fuel oil as fuel or cargo in the Arctic was approved last week by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC).

Four ports discuss harmonizing LNG bunkering standards and procedures
20 Oct 2014 07:31 GMT
The ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge and Singapore participated in an LNG focus group last week.

New ECA Compliance tool showcased at SIBCON
16 Oct 2014 11:32 GMT
Application is designed to provide ship operators with the required information for continuous compliance with 2015 emission control area (ECA) regulations.

EU co-legislators urged not to preempt global CO2 data collection 'progress'
15 Oct 2014 17:25 GMT
ECSA Secretary-General hopes EU decision-makers will "avoid making any decisions that might hinder the ongoing progress at international level". ICS agrees.

Sekimizu's speech at MEPC 67
15 Oct 2014 07:33 GMT
IMO Secretary-General, Koji Sekimizu, spoke earlier this week at the 67th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committe (MEPC).

Bunker-related issues on MEPC 67 agenda
13 Oct 2014 11:13 GMT
Topics to be covered this week include bunker delivery note amendments, fuel oil quality control measures, the review on the availability of compliant fuel oil, energy efficiency measures and draft amendments to MARPOL.

ICS issues statement on Global Ocean Commission Report
10 Oct 2014 15:38 GMT
International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) refers to pollution liability and compensation issue in statement made "on behalf of international ship operators".

Brokers urged to put it in writing
01 Oct 2014 16:01 GMT
Brokers are warned that they face the risk of "serious financial loss" if they fail to ensure that all parties are in possession of full, confirmed information prior to the conclusion of negotiations.

IBIA event to put concerns over ECA compliance under the spotlight
01 Oct 2014 12:24 GMT
Annual convention takes place just weeks ahead of the implementation of laws on the sulphur content of marine fuels.

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