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Home » News » Alternative Fuels & Propulsion - Q3 2014

Alternative Fuels & Propulsion - Q3 2014

Chemgas reinforces position with dual-fuel LNG-powered tanker
29 Sep 2014 16:31 GMT
Vessel's 'unique' dual-fuel system is positioned below decks in the cargo area to improve vessel safety.

Vale 'hoping' to convert VLOCs to LNG
29 Sep 2014 14:51 GMT
Brazilian mining giant says it is looking to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to run its 'Valemax' ships on liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Keel laying ceremony for LNG-ready tanker
29 Sep 2014 11:30 GMT
Ceremony held for first of four tankers to incorporate "numerous fuel efficiency features". Vessels are expected to be delivered in 2015 and 2016.

Two more dual-fuel ships for European container operator
26 Sep 2014 14:05 GMT
Vessels are scheduled to be delivered in 2017.

Stena Line to raise freight prices due to SECA fuel switch rules
26 Sep 2014 13:23 GMT
Ferry operator says its freight prices will have to increase 'by around 15%'; plans methanol trial and is looking at scrubber systems and LNG.

Emulsified fuel demonstration next week
26 Sep 2014 12:10 GMT
Company says its product is 'the cheapest, safest and highest quality fuel emulsion on the world market today'.

LNG-fuelled inland waterway vessel commissioned
24 Sep 2014 13:17 GMT
Commissioning forms part of 'Masterplan' to promote LNG uptake in the inland waterway sector and build the necessary regulatory framework for the safe transport and use of LNG as a vessel fuel.

Antwerp consults potential users on LNG bunkering facility
22 Sep 2014 16:34 GMT
Port authority says it wants to "take maximum account of the preferences of potential customers" as it encourages them to fill in a questionnaire.

U.S. to build three biorefineries to meet military transportation demand
22 Sep 2014 12:28 GMT
Biorefineries in Nevada, Oregon and on the Gulf Coast are expected to produce more than 100 million gallons of fuel annually.

Construction of five LNG-conversion-ready tankers under way
18 Sep 2014 11:53 GMT
Vessels are due to have dual-fuel-capable auxiliary engines installed and the ability to accommodate future installation of an LNG fuel-gas system.

Membrane containment technology chosen for six VLECs
18 Sep 2014 08:45 GMT
Very large ethane carriers (VLECs) are scheduled to be delivered between 2016 and 2017.

Engine for world's first LNG-fuelled containership installed
16 Sep 2014 15:35 GMT
Described as 'the world's first dual-fuel slow-speed engine'.

Dual-fuel engine for Queensland Curtis LNG ships
15 Sep 2014 13:18 GMT
Dual-fuel diesel-electric (DFDE) propulsion solution to be used by four LNG carriers supporting the shipment of cargoes from the world's first project to turn gas from coal seams into LNG.

Unmanned battery-powered concept ship revealed
12 Sep 2014 16:07 GMT
Concept ship is described as being "greener, smarter and safer than conventionally fuelled and operated vessels".

Letter of intent 'breakthrough' for ethane-powered VLECs
12 Sep 2014 11:07 GMT
Letter of intent signed for the classification of five very large ethane carriers (VLECs) - powerered also by ethane.

Approval in principle for gas turbine-powered LNG carrier design
11 Sep 2014 14:11 GMT
'Innovative and novel' LNG carrier design gets green light.

Approval in principle for UASC 'LNG Ready' mega box ships
11 Sep 2014 13:01 GMT
Approval in principle (AIP), recognizes the technical feasibility of the liquefied natual gas (LNG) fuel system design for the A14 and A18 series of container vessels.

First bulk carrier to adopt Wartsila's multi-fuel technology
11 Sep 2014 11:54 GMT
Vessel will be able to operate on liquefied natural gas, marine diesel fuel, biofuel and heavy fuel oil.

Upgraded tanker design facilitates LNG fuel use
10 Sep 2014 13:29 GMT
New design is claimed to offer a 12 percent increase in energy efficiency and facilitate the use of gas as a marine fuel.

Joint LNG-fuelled boxship project announced
10 Sep 2014 12:16 GMT
Project partners to work together to develop a concept for sailing long distances on liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Fuel gas handling system gets DNV GL approval in principle
09 Sep 2014 13:42 GMT
Approval in principle (AIP) covers improvements to the original LNGPac system.

Bureau Veritas to class first LNG bunker barge
09 Sep 2014 12:53 GMT
Vessel is scheduled to operate from the Fluxys LNG Terminal in Zeebrugge, initially supplying LNG fuel to the fleet of United European Car Carriers (UECC).

LNG Hybrid Barge launched
08 Sep 2014 16:33 GMT
Vessel is scheduled to carry out its first delivery of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to a cruise ship after naming ceremony in October.

LR introduces Gas Fuelled Readiness (GR) notation
08 Sep 2014 14:10 GMT
New notation is designed to provide clarity on levels of LNG-fuelled preparedness.

FMC Doyle: US has 'plenty' of LNG for marine fuel
05 Sep 2014 13:22 GMT
Commissioner Doyle of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) stresses that natural gas is an 'affordable and domestically abundant fuel source' in the United States.

Emulsified fuel demonstration today
04 Sep 2014 07:32 GMT
Company says its product is 'the cheapest, safest and highest quality fuel emulsion on the world market today'.

SGMF global launch confirmed for SIBCON
03 Sep 2014 13:23 GMT
The Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF) is to 'formally launch', globally, at the Singapore International Bunkering Conference and Exhibition (SIBCON).

Report predicts LNG shipping recovery in 'latter part of the decade'
29 Aug 2014 09:23 GMT
Weak demand and excess tonnage are expected to depress LNG shipping earnings in the short term but demand is expected to recover strongly, says consultancy.

LNG bunkering: focus on safety 'needs to be maintained'
28 Aug 2014 12:32 GMT
Lloyd's Register's Leonidas Karistios warns that 'serious incidents' involving LNG bunkering could set back the potential for the continued expansion of gas-fuelled shipping.

Report examines ethane-powered VLEC concept
27 Aug 2014 15:33 GMT
Report looks at the risks and challenges in developing very large ethane carriers (VLECs) - powered also by ethane.

Naming ceremony for tri-fuel 'Deal of the Year' ship
26 Aug 2014 13:11 GMT
Tri-fuel LNG carrier has been built to transport gas on a year-round basis from practically any existing LNG terminal in the world.

New fuel gas handling solution launched
26 Aug 2014 09:21 GMT
Upgraded LNGPac system is being officially launched this week at the Offshore Northern Seas 2014 (ONS 2014) conference and exhibition.

Interest 'surprisingly high' for LNG bunker barge design - source
25 Aug 2014 13:34 GMT
Vessel is said to be first of its kind to be designed and built specifically for the German infrastructure. Shipyard says it can be adapted to meet individual requirements.

Study compares natural gas and conventional marine fuel emissions
25 Aug 2014 11:31 GMT
111-page report was prepared by the University of Delaware and The Rochester Institute of Technology.

Statoil in Klaipeda LNG supply deal
22 Aug 2014 08:44 GMT
Statoil to supply 950,000 cubic metres of LNG per year to Klaipeda terminal. Contract provides 'possibilities' for LNG reloading.

Cryogenic systems designer selected for North America's first LNG bunker barge
22 Aug 2014 07:34 GMT
Taylor-Wharton is to carry out front-end engineering and design work for the cryogenic topside of North America's first LNG bunker supply vessel.

Emulsified fuel demonstration in September
20 Aug 2014 08:33 GMT
Company says its product is 'the cheapest, safest and highest quality fuel emulsion on the world market today'.

Shipyard awards energy storage contract for hybrid CNG ferry
18 Aug 2014 17:52 GMT
'World's greenest passenger ferry' is due to operate in the Netherlands.

Danish firm closes fuel cell business
18 Aug 2014 12:28 GMT
Company could no longer justify the investments and risk needed to move the company forward, says CEO.

Control system contract awarded for Fourchon LNG-fuelling facility
18 Aug 2014 07:27 GMT
New Louisiana facility is to supply fuel to LNG-powered offshore supply vessels and cargo ships operating in the Houston - New Orleans region.

Deltamarin wins design contract for LNG-fuelled icebreaker
08 Aug 2014 07:06 GMT
Vessel is scheduled to be delivered in 2016.

North America's first LNG-powered ferry
30 Jul 2014 17:52 GMT
Vessel is also the first ever gas-powered ferry to be built in Italy.

Natural gas: 'The fuel of the moment'
29 Jul 2014 13:45 GMT
Publication talks to Total executive about natural gas fuel and looks at an EU project concerning LNG as an alternative transportation fuel.

LNG-fuelled ship seminars held in Asia
28 Jul 2014 07:44 GMT
Seminars were held last week in Shanghai and Singapore.

MoU to identify potential gas turbine-powered ship projects
24 Jul 2014 12:55 GMT
Agreement to collaborate on applying gas turbines to power commercial ships.

'First' ethane-powered ocean-going vessels ordered
22 Jul 2014 12:42 GMT
Ethane chosen as fuel in preference to heavy fuel oil (HFO) due to its more competitive pricing and because bunkering is 'significantly shorter'.

LNG bunkering guidelines published
21 Jul 2014 13:31 GMT
Guidance released with the aim of speeding up the adoption of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel fuel by kick-starting the LNG bunker chain.

Wärtsilä establishes JV with China State Shipbuilding Corporation
18 Jul 2014 07:13 GMT
Joint venture firm to manufacture medium and large bore medium speed diesel and dual-fuel engines.

Lloyd's Register to class three LNG-fuelled vessels
17 Jul 2014 14:23 GMT
Vessels to operate as dual-fuel, capable of using liquefied natural gas (LNG) or diesel fuel.

Report: Biofuels' share of US bunker and aviation market will surpass 6% by 2024
16 Jul 2014 15:33 GMT
Research firm predicts biofuels will make up 6.1% of the country's marine fuel and aviation and market within the next 10 years.

Wärtsilä agreement covers 80 dual-fuel engines
15 Jul 2014 13:34 GMT
Finnish firm signs technical management agreements that include condition-based maintenance (CBM) for 80 Wärtsilä 50DF dual-fuel engines over a five-year period.

Law firm advising Dutch JV on LNG break bulk expansion
14 Jul 2014 16:01 GMT
New facility is expected to boost the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a transportation fuel in the Netherlands and northwest Europe.

EIB boosts development of sustainable sea transport between Norway and Denmark
08 Jul 2014 15:02 GMT
The European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing a EUR 124 million loan to the shipping company Fjord Line for the expansion of its fleet.

DNV GL to explore risks at LNG bunkering and filling stations
08 Jul 2014 11:41 GMT
Project is expected to contribute to the development of safety standards and guidelines for small-scale LNG bunkering and filling stations.

Electrical package contract for world's first biogas ferry
08 Jul 2014 09:37 GMT
Vessel is expected to become the world's first ferry to operate on locally supplied biogas.

BC Ferries awards contract to build three LNG-fuelled vessels
07 Jul 2014 15:28 GMT
Vessels will be the first in BC Ferries' fleet to operate as dual-fuel, capable of using liquefied natural gas (LNG) or diesel fuel.

Project to develop first LNG-fuelled drillship
04 Jul 2014 07:24 GMT
A concept design has been developed and an analysis of the fuel gas supply system to be installed on the vessel has been carried out.

LR to class energy-efficient ferry
03 Jul 2014 18:12 GMT
Ferry is to be built with an advanced energy management system operating principally on gas, but also with batteries, solar auxiliary power and the capability to run on diesel.

Decision to develop LNG break bulk infrastructure in Rotterdam
03 Jul 2014 13:21 GMT
New facility is expected to boost the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a transportation fuel in the Netherlands and northwest Europe.

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