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Home » News » Vessel News - Q4 2013

Vessel News - Q4 2013

K Line orders four fuel-efficient car carriers
30 Dec 2013 08:46 GMT
New order follows the recently confirmed contract to build four next generation car carrier vessels.

Project to build Japan's first LNG-powered tug
24 Dec 2013 15:12 GMT
Vessel will be able to run on either liquefied natural gas (LNG) or fuel oil.

Fuel tank developed for LNG-powered container vessels
13 Dec 2013 15:32 GMT
Tank system to be installed on LNG-fuelled container vessels for Middle East firm.

Dual-fuel propulsion and LNG bunkering system for German ferry
12 Dec 2013 09:06 GMT
New ferry to operate between Cuxhaven and the island of Helgoland in Germany.

BC Ferries plans to build three LNG-fuelled vessels
10 Dec 2013 15:28 GMT
Five shipyards in the running to construct three intermediate class ferries powered by LNG and MDO.

Turkish ship owner orders fuel-saving engine
10 Dec 2013 14:05 GMT
Engine features electronically controlled common-rail technology, which is said to reduce fuel costs.

New ships to run on methanol
10 Dec 2013 09:01 GMT
Agreement to construct six new vessels, with an option to build an additional three.

Agreement to supply main propulsion systems for chemical tankers
09 Dec 2013 12:31 GMT
New propulsion systems ordered for six new chemical tankers to be built in China.

Atlantic Gulf Bunkering expands barge fleet
06 Dec 2013 18:55 GMT
US firm increases its supply capacity with the AGB 101 and AGB 102.

Spliethoff orders exhaust gas cleaning systems
06 Dec 2013 14:47 GMT
Five vessels are to be retrofitted with exhaust gas cleaning systems in 2014.

Marine gearbox designed to 'significantly' reduce fuel consumption
05 Dec 2013 08:31 GMT
A fuel consumption reduction of eight percent is said to have been verified during sea trials.

Contract to design LNG-fuelled ConRo ships
04 Dec 2013 05:41 GMT
Vessels to operate between Florida and Puerto Rico.

Bureau Veritas classes world's largest bilobe gas tanks
03 Dec 2013 20:41 GMT
Semi-refrigerated LNG/Ethylene carriers are being built for Evergas.

Dual-fuel engines for new Terntank ships
02 Dec 2013 07:32 GMT
CO2 emissions are said to be around 25 percent lower than conventional marine engines when operating in gas mode.

Carnival selects MAN engines
29 Nov 2013 12:40 GMT
Cruise operator chooses common-rail, four-stroke engines to power its new generation of vessel.

Contract to build LNG-powered ConRo ships
27 Nov 2013 07:03 GMT
LNG-fuelled vessels to operate between the United States and Puerto Rico.

DNV GL to class LNG-powered ferry
20 Nov 2013 11:28 GMT
Vessel will be the first German newbuild with a propulsion system designed to run primarily on LNG.

Ships to cut fuel costs with waste heat recovery systems
19 Nov 2013 16:14 GMT
New vessels to serve under a long-term charter agreement to Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A.

Fuel-efficient Bakkafrost vessel to be built in Turkey
19 Nov 2013 15:12 GMT
Live fish carrier to include a diesel-electric propulsion system and two Bergen C6 engines.

Bourbon sells ships as part of fuel efficiency strategy
18 Nov 2013 07:12 GMT
Two Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels are sold for US$130 million.

Fuel-efficient tanker to be built in California
13 Nov 2013 20:14 GMT
Vessel will be built to accommodate the future installation of an LNG fuel-gas system and Type C LNG tanks.

Dual-fuel propulsion for Nigerian LNG carriers
25 Oct 2013 09:13 GMT
Vessels to be equipped with dual-fuel engines and electrical variable speed propulsion to lower fuel consumption.

Bunker firm confirms ship charter renewal
22 Oct 2013 09:03 GMT
Chartered vessel to be used to carry out fuel deliveries to customers.

First Asian ships to feature fuel-saving wave piercing bow
15 Oct 2013 13:34 GMT
Rolls-Royce wins order to provide an integrated design and equipment package for two offshore supply vessels.

Dual-fuel engines to be installed on two LNG carriers
15 Oct 2013 09:01 GMT
Vessels will mainly operate on LNG with the option to switch to conventional marine fuels if required.

Danish ferry to run on biogas and LNG
11 Oct 2013 15:18 GMT
Vessel is expected to begin operating in 2014.

First Aabenraa STS operation for Monjasa vessel
08 Oct 2013 06:55 GMT
New vessel carried out its first bunkering operation at Aabenraa on October 7.

Gas-powered tug ceremony in Turkey
07 Oct 2013 13:31 GMT
LNG-fuelled vessel is due to enter into service next month.

Cruise ship to save fuel with propulsion system upgrade
04 Oct 2013 08:16 GMT
Fuel savings are said to range from 5 to 15 percent, depending on the type of operation and the performance of the existing propeller.

Two fuel-efficient newbuild VLCCs for AET
03 Oct 2013 09:02 GMT
Enhancements will significantly improve fuel consumption and deliver an EEDI of 16.9%, says shipping firm.

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