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Home » News » Fuel Efficiency, Costs, Savings & Charges - Q2 2013

Fuel Efficiency, Costs, Savings & Charges - Q2 2013

Wärtsilä in deal to provide fuel-saving propulsion solutions
28 Jun 2013 08:28 GMT
Finnish firm is contracted to supply propulsion packages for 24 new vessels.

Carnival fuel consumption down 5.7% in Q2
26 Jun 2013 08:21 GMT
Cruise vessel operator also notes that fuel prices declined by 9.7% year-on-year.

Horizon Lines to convert vessels to burn LNG
26 Jun 2013 07:14 GMT
Ocean shipper says the goal of the project is to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions.

20,000th slide fuel valve retrofitted
11 Jun 2013 15:01 GMT
Slide fuel valve is said to reduce fuel oil consumption and eliminate dripping from the fuel valve nozzle.

Cargill takes delivery of fuel-efficient tanker
11 Jun 2013 07:32 GMT
Vessel includes a number of features for improved fuel efficiency.

Ship efficiency software for ro-ro vessel
10 Jun 2013 05:33 GMT
Trials are said to have shown a 5.8 percent reduction in fuel consumption.

'Nose jobs' can produce 5% fuel savings
06 Jun 2013 07:45 GMT
Redesigning the bulbous bow of slow-steaming container ships can lead to fuel savings of 5% or above, according to data.

Wärtsilä launches 'more powerful' 34DF engine
05 Jun 2013 09:09 GMT
Latest engine version is said to also offer lower fuel consumption.

Project to develop fuel-saving technology for old container ships
04 Jun 2013 08:38 GMT
Research project aims to reduce the energy consumption of container ships by 10-20 percent.

New dual-fuel engine launched
04 Jun 2013 07:53 GMT
Engine is said to offer 'industry-leading efficiency' in gas mode.

First fuel-saving Environship launched
04 Jun 2013 07:24 GMT
Fuel-efficient vessel is said to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40 percent.

Fuel-saving ships nominated for award
30 May 2013 13:02 GMT
Award will be presented to the vessel considered to have made the greatest contribution towards energy efficiency.

ECO Research Centre launched in Singapore
28 May 2013 13:14 GMT
First project will be 'Analytical Ship Performance Evaluation and Management'.

Long Beach adopts Energy Policy
23 May 2013 17:45 GMT
Plan will promote efficiency, conservation and innovation.

New system monitors fuel consumption
22 May 2013 04:55 GMT
Marine computer system can control wind and solar power devices and monitor fuel consumption.

New cruise line to launch fuel-efficient vessel
20 May 2013 08:17 GMT
Cruise line business to launch its first vessel in 2015.

ABB to step up promotion of Valve Control Management
16 May 2013 07:09 GMT
System helps a turbocharger to manage air actively so that an engine can operate at different speeds, loads and ambient conditions.

Shipper achieves 'C' efficiency rating
16 May 2013 06:45 GMT
Rating puts shipping firm in the top one-third for energy efficiency.

Sekimizu addresses MEPC 65
13 May 2013 14:44 GMT
IMO Secretary-General speaks at the opening of the 65th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee.

Teekay selects fuel-saving engine
13 May 2013 08:51 GMT
Engine to be fitted on four product tankers.

MEPC to meet for 65th session
10 May 2013 08:44 GMT
Guidelines on energy efficiency measures and the development of a study for an updated GHG emissions estimate will be on the agenda.

Contract to build fuel-saving fishing vessel
09 May 2013 08:49 GMT
New vessel will offer fuel savings of around 30 percent or more, says fishing firm.

LNG set to fuel the future of shipping
09 May 2013 08:19 GMT
LNG is destined to become a key marine fuel in the future, says technology firm.

GE applies variable frequency to reduce fuel consumption
07 May 2013 12:28 GMT
Power and propulsion system is said to reduce fuel consumption by controlling engine speed on platform support vessels.

FuelTrax obtains EU patent protection
07 May 2013 12:02 GMT
EU patent covers nine European countries.

ABS releases exhaust gas scrubber advisory
01 May 2013 13:01 GMT
Advisory is designed to help operators assess the viability of utilizing exhaust scrubbers.

Pevasa Group orders fuel-saving propulsion system
29 Apr 2013 18:23 GMT
System comprises three high-efficiency products that are said to increase efficiency by up to at least 9 percent.

Fuel consumption lower than expected for Royal Caribbean
29 Apr 2013 08:22 GMT
First quarter fuel consumption per available passenger cruise day was lower than in 2012.

Repeat order for fuel-efficient fish transporting vessel
26 Apr 2013 12:10 GMT
Hull design and propulsion system are said to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

500th sale of fuel-saving engine
26 Apr 2013 06:29 GMT
Engine's optimised combustion reduces both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Matson lowers Hawaii fuel surcharge
25 Apr 2013 07:17 GMT
Shipper cites the recent moderation in bunker prices as the reason for its surcharge cut.

Partnership to develop eco-friendly solutions for shipping
24 Apr 2013 06:14 GMT
Asian firms to work together to develop renewable energy and low emission solutions for the maritime industry.

Propulsion system selected for two new cargo ships
22 Apr 2013 17:51 GMT
Integrated propeller and rudder system to be installed on two vessels being built for Neptune Lines.

Event addresses efficient IT solutions for shipping
18 Apr 2013 06:15 GMT
Conference covers the latest developments in IT, ship design and shipbuilding.

Ardmore aiming to set new standards in fuel efficiency
16 Apr 2013 13:36 GMT
Irish product and chemical tanker specialist adds performance monitoring technology across its fleet.

APL 'honoured' to win green award
16 Apr 2013 07:27 GMT
Imperative that APL continues its efforts to enhance the efficiency of its ships to remain competitive, says President.

Improving the fuel efficiency of recreational crafts
16 Apr 2013 06:58 GMT
Emerging trends to be analysed in upcoming web event.

Evergas orders dual-fuel solutions package
15 Apr 2013 08:50 GMT
Integrated technology set to make vessels 'the most environmentally sustainable LNG carriers ever built'.

Dual-fuel engines obtain EPA certification
12 Apr 2013 11:41 GMT
Manufacturer anticipates an increase in US demand for its dual-fuel engines as a result.

Enhancing the competitiveness of Singapore
12 Apr 2013 07:37 GMT
Initiatives include a rise in the port dues reduction for vessels that burn clean fuels or use approved abatement technology in Singapore.

First Onboard DC Grid system delivered
05 Apr 2013 21:33 GMT
First vessel powered with Onboard DC Grid system to provide fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

CSAV to lower fuel consumption with vessel investment plan
05 Apr 2013 12:01 GMT
Board of directors approves plan to acquire seven new containerships.

Cruise ships to include waste fuel recovery system
05 Apr 2013 07:01 GMT
Waste oil separator can recover up to 2 percent of a vessel's total fuel consumption, says manufacturer.

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