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Home » News » Environment News - Q2 2012

Environment News - Q2 2012

Fuel maintenance solution includes warning feature
28 Jun 2012 09:13 GMT
Marine fuel maintenance system includes monitoring tools and provides a warning to prevent unwanted engine shutdowns.

Fuel non-availability claims explained in guidance
28 Jun 2012 07:18 GMT
Document describes how owners operating in the North American ECA can make a fuel oil non-availability claim.

Speeches at Rio+20 Conference
25 Jun 2012 09:01 GMT

IMO committed to sustainable maritime development
25 Jun 2012 07:08 GMT
Secretary-General says sustainable shipping will be one of the major priorities of his tenure.

Scrubber installed on cruise ship
25 Jun 2012 06:17 GMT
Exhaust gas scrubber to be tested onboard cruise vessel over the next 4-6 months.

A legal take on EU bunker legislation
22 Jun 2012 08:23 GMT
Law firm examines the implications of EU legislation on the sulphur content of marine fuels.

Rio+20: Delivering green growth for shipping
18 Jun 2012 15:16 GMT

Green light for classification society
18 Jun 2012 13:47 GMT
Korean Register of Shipping becomes the first in Asia to be accredited as a verification body by the Clean Shipping Index.

Cruise line wins awards for green policy
15 Jun 2012 10:01 GMT

Propulsion system cuts fuel costs by 30%
15 Jun 2012 09:47 GMT

Ships to use solar, wind shore power
14 Jun 2012 14:33 GMT
Vessels to use shore-based electricity produced by solar or wind power.

Stena Line plugged in at Rotterdam
14 Jun 2012 13:44 GMT
Ferry line is now able to use shore-based power at its terminal in Rotterdam.

Notation to cover pollution at transhipment terminals
12 Jun 2012 11:55 GMT

Hydrogen system for marine engines is launched
06 Jun 2012 10:14 GMT
New system uses hydrogen as a catalyst to help burn the fuel more completely and reduce bunker costs.

CO2 emissions discussed at ICS AGM
28 May 2012 12:46 GMT
ICS Chairman 'determined' to achieve 20% improvement in fuel efficiency by 2020.

EU Commissioner welcomes provisional sulphur agreement
24 May 2012 09:40 GMT
Janez Potočnik says he is pleased that an agreeement with the European Parliament is now possible.

Provisional EU agreement on sulphur content of marine fuels
24 May 2012 07:48 GMT
0.5% sulphur limit is set to be mandatory in EU waters by 2020.

Contract to supply diesel electric ferries
23 May 2012 10:16 GMT
Hybrid Ro Ro ferries are scheduled to begin operating in Scotland next year.

Emissions issue covered in annual review
23 May 2012 08:57 GMT
Comprehensive review by the International Chamber of Shipping covers key issues including the debate about reducing CO2 emissions.

Contract to equip ships with eco-friendly propulsion
18 May 2012 13:44 GMT
Container ships to be fitted with propulsion and power generation system to reduce transit costs and emissions.

Port invites entries for 2012 eco awards
18 May 2012 10:02 GMT
Annual marine environmental award to be presented next month. Local barge operators could be nominated.

Removing SOx emissions with hybrid scrubber
16 May 2012 13:53 GMT

Shipowners oppose 3.5% sulphur regulation
15 May 2012 15:33 GMT
Owners say it needs to be determined if the SOx emitted from Indian ships is significant enough to warrant a reduction.

ECA compliance advice issued
11 May 2012 15:32 GMT
Shipping firms are advised to prepare for the upcoming North America ECA.

Eco-solution aimed at reducing fuel consumption
09 May 2012 18:11 GMT
New system will allow owners to adapt their operations in real-time to improve efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

EU agreement to tackle air pollution
09 May 2012 11:22 GMT

Canada committed to shore power
09 May 2012 07:35 GMT
Government invites applications for funding under the Shore Power Technology for Ports Program.

LNG-powered inland waterway vessel
08 May 2012 12:22 GMT
Vessel will be capable of operating for 95-99 percent of the time on LNG fuel.

LA to launch clean air program
07 May 2012 09:15 GMT
Los Angeles is the first port in North America and the Pacific Rim to adopt an international clean ship incentive program.

New scrubber requirements announced
04 May 2012 10:33 GMT
Newly released rules cover exhaust gas cleaning systems and devices for improving efficiency.

DNV acquires oil spill preparedness firm
30 Apr 2012 07:14 GMT
Acquisition forms part of DNV's strategy to increase its focus on the Arctic region.

Tugboat to feature rechargeable batteries
27 Apr 2012 11:53 GMT
Eco-friendly tugboat to include a propulsion system that uses electrical motors and rechargeable batteries.

Maritime firms fined for not switching fuels
26 Apr 2012 07:01 GMT
Companies fined for failing to switch to cleaner-burning distillates in Californian waters.

Environmental cooperation agreement signed in Canada
25 Apr 2012 16:33 GMT
Collaboration aims to enhance environmental protection and performance in the marine shipping sector.

Court of Appeals allows enforcement of low carbon fuel standard
24 Apr 2012 08:03 GMT
U.S. Court of Appeals overturns an injunction blocking the enforcement of the low carbon fuel standard.

Singapore and Norway renew R&D cooperation
24 Apr 2012 07:27 GMT
Collaboration includes a feasibility assessment on LNG bunkering in South East Asia.

UK to host SOx emission course
23 Apr 2012 14:05 GMT
New training course to address SOx emission technology.

WWL on track for 30% emissions reduction
23 Apr 2012 11:36 GMT
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics says it is on course to reduce its relative GHGs by 30% within three years.

New guide for Emission Control Areas
23 Apr 2012 09:12 GMT
Newly-released guide outlines the challenges of operating within an ECA.

Wärtsilä Hamworthy to install world's largest multi-stream scrubber
23 Apr 2012 04:30 GMT
System will be retrofitted to MV Tamesis, a Mk IV RoRo vessel, in early 2013.

Protecting the environment
17 Apr 2012 14:38 GMT

Carnival to save fuel with system upgrade
13 Apr 2012 15:54 GMT
Cruise line is set to improve the fuel efficiency of 20 vessels by up to 4 percent.

RINA to audit Clean Shipping Index vessels
10 Apr 2012 09:02 GMT

Cargo ship leaks MGO
04 Apr 2012 19:57 GMT
Coastguard confirms that the stricken vessel has leaked 'a quantity of marine gas oil'.

APL on course to cut emissions by 30%
04 Apr 2012 13:33 GMT
Container carrier says new vessel program and slow steaming have helped improve fuel efficiency.

Fuel leak fears in North Wales
04 Apr 2012 12:55 GMT
Concern is growing that fuel tanks could have been damaged on a cargo vessel that ran aground near Colwyn Bay.

Vessels to feature diesel-electric propulsion
04 Apr 2012 07:24 GMT
Norwegian owner aims to reduce fuel consumption with hybrid propulsion system.

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