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Home » News » Regulation, Legislation & Legal News - Q4 2011

Regulation, Legislation & Legal News - Q4 2011

California implements changes to clean fuels program
19 Dec 2011 06:33 GMT
Program changes are aimed at streamlining the process of accounting for carbon released during the transportation of fuels.

Mitropoulos: IMO should push ahead with MBMs debate
12 Dec 2011 14:36 GMT
Secretary-General says IMO should aim to bring its action plan on climate change to a completion in a 'reasonably short time'.

COP17 President's closing remarks
12 Dec 2011 14:08 GMT
Decisions taken in Durban are 'truly historical', says COP17 President.

UNFCCC claims climate change 'breakthrough'
12 Dec 2011 13:33 GMT
COP17 President positive as governments decide to adopt a universal legal agreement on climate change by no later than 2015.

ITF supports levy on bunker fuel
09 Dec 2011 13:14 GMT
Federation backs 'green climate fund', which would include a bunker levy and possible shipping emissions tax.

Another US law firm to investigate Andatee
08 Dec 2011 08:47 GMT
Law firm to investigate potential claims against the board of directors of Andatee.

Event held to discuss scrubber technology
05 Dec 2011 10:06 GMT
Industry experts discuss the drivers and commercial implications of scrubber technology for shipping.

NGOs call for IMO-led GHG reduction strategy
30 Nov 2011 10:31 GMT
Organizations call on COP17 delegates to give IMO a clear guidance on reducing emissions via Market-Based Measures.

Andatee to be investigated by another law firm
30 Nov 2011 07:51 GMT
Law firm to investigate whether Andatee's board has been working to obtain the best buyout price for its shareholders.

Law firms investigate Andatee buyout proposal
29 Nov 2011 07:47 GMT
Andatee's board of directors to be investigated for 'possible breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations of state law'.

IMO elects new 40-member council
28 Nov 2011 11:02 GMT
Nigeria loses its re-election bid into Category C of the IMO's governing body.

Aegean quoting only 3.5% in Fujairah
25 Nov 2011 10:31 GMT
Supplier now only quoting fuel oil with a maximum sulphur content of 3.5% to clients at the port of Fujairah.

EU proposes GHG monitoring legislation
23 Nov 2011 14:41 GMT
New proposed legislation aims to enhance the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.

MPA issues 3.5% sulphur reminder
22 Nov 2011 06:49 GMT
Bunker players reminded that they will need to use fuel with a maximum sulphur content of 3.5% in 2012.

Energy Petrol ready to supply 3.5% fuel
16 Nov 2011 14:11 GMT
Bunker firm says it is able to supply fuel oil with a maximum sulphur content of 3.5% at Turkish ports.

ICS publishes CO2 briefing document
16 Nov 2011 07:07 GMT
Document produced in advance of the UN Climate Change Conference at the end of November.

Study: IMO measures will lead to 'significant' GHG reductions
14 Nov 2011 20:13 GMT
Report says mandatory efficiency measures will result in significantly lower emissions and fuel consumption.

CEPSA ready for 3.5% sulphur regulation
14 Nov 2011 13:29 GMT
CEPSA Marine Fuels says it is ready to begin offering 3.5% fuels at all the ports where it supplies.

Exhaust gas system offers 'full fuel flexibility'
11 Nov 2011 13:42 GMT
New system uses HFO, distillates and natural gas and meets Tier III NOx emission requirements.

Emissions should be tackled on global scale, warns FTA
07 Nov 2011 17:33 GMT
UK association says emission reduction measures should be tackled through the IMO.

UK body stresses need for global solution
07 Nov 2011 06:31 GMT
Organization says regional measures to cut emissions would only serve to 'distort trade' and 'potentially damage shipping'.

'Progress' on LNG container ship concept
02 Nov 2011 16:15 GMT

Hong Kong to consider ECA for ocean-going ships
25 Oct 2011 13:14 GMT
Hong Kong looks set to push for regulations requiring ocean-going vessels to switch to using cleaner fuel.

Court confirms Marco Polo Chapter 11 protection and frees vessel
24 Oct 2011 05:37 GMT
New York Court rejects the motions seeking to dismiss the group's Chapter 11 filings.

BP settles lawsuit with former staff
21 Oct 2011 14:11 GMT
Oil major reaches out of court settlement with six former employees in Singapore.

Fuel issues discussed at ferry conference
20 Oct 2011 17:51 GMT
Fuel efficiency, ECA regulations, alternative fuels and scrubbing technology are topics discussed at annual event.

OW to host ECA seminar in Singapore
20 Oct 2011 07:19 GMT
Free seminar to focus on the challenges posed by the 2015 sulphur emission regulations.

Australia: Oil spill fines skyrocket
17 Oct 2011 15:15 GMT
Tough new penalties to be introduced for oil spills in Australian waters.

Flag states 'must enforce the rules'
17 Oct 2011 10:34 GMT
Director says there is 'understandable concern' that shipping companies' use of flags may not fully comply with international regulations.

Shipping firms fined $1.2 million for bunker spill
14 Oct 2011 22:54 GMT
Shipping companies are fined in connection with Queensland's biggest bunker spill.

Vessel suspected of illegal bunkering
11 Oct 2011 13:47 GMT
Ship arrested in Nigerian waters after being spotted carrying out 'suspicious activities'.

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