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Home » News » Projects - Q4 2010

Projects - Q4 2010

ESI boasts over 100 applicants
30 Dec 2010 07:17 GMT
Over one hundred ships are said to have already applied for the Environmental Ship Index.

Ningbo terminal gets government go-ahead
29 Dec 2010 14:28 GMT
China's largest crude oil terminal enters implementation stage.

Mitsubishi eyes Fujairah storage, bunkering
28 Dec 2010 17:27 GMT
Trading giant in discussions to build an oil and petrochemical storage facility in Fujairah.

Hin Leong awaits refinery approval
22 Dec 2010 20:21 GMT
Oil trading firm submits proposal to Singapore government to build the city-state's fourth refining plant.

Lyttelton to build cruise berth
20 Dec 2010 08:24 GMT
'Substantial' increase in cruise ship visits forecast for the next 10 to 15 years.

Fuel oil blending project gets green light
20 Dec 2010 07:01 GMT
Environmental clearance given to 10 million-tonne project in Guangdong

Southampton to build fifth cruise terminal
17 Dec 2010 09:02 GMT
Boost for bunkering as UK cruise ship visits look set to increase further over the next few years.

Fujairah to receive $1bn development funding
16 Dec 2010 18:28 GMT
UAE government to invest $1 billion in development projects over the next three years.

Cyprus invites interest in Vasilikos terminal
15 Dec 2010 07:14 GMT
Potential investors are invited to express their interest in the development of a fuel storage terminal.

Fujairah terminal to be completed in 18 months
14 Dec 2010 17:24 GMT
Oil terminal construction is expected to be finished in a year and a half.

Air technology program wins green award
13 Dec 2010 09:38 GMT
Initiative lauded for seeking to accelerate the commercialization of port-related emission reduction technologies.

Deal to develop integrated ship solutions
09:Dec 2010 16:42 GMT
Joint project will aim to optimize integrated propulsion and manoeuvring solutions to reduce fuel consumption.

Cyprus terminal construction to begin in January
08 Dec 2010 13:48 GMT
VTTI to begin construction work on its oil storage terminal in Vasiliko next month.

Project aims to reduce fuel consumption
06 Dec 2010 06:05 GMT
Joint research project aims to achieve 'substantial' reductions in fuel consumption.

US port approves 2011 green budget
01 Dec 2010 07:42 GMT
Port to continue investing in emissions reduction programs following 2011 budget approval.

Singapore launches fuel cell research initiative
29 Nov 2010 11:52 GMT
Project to focus on research, development and commercialization of fuel cell applications for the maritime industry.

Abu Dhabi pipeline to Fujairah completed
25 Nov 2010 08:01 GMT
Pipeline allowing Abu Dhabi crude to bypass the Strait of Hormuz [pictured] has been completed.

Kochi LNG terminal to double capacity
22 Nov 2010 06:52 GMT
Petronet LNG to press ahead with plans to increase the capacity of its proposed LNG terminal.

Kochi terminal: Shortlisted companies under review
19 Nov 2010 17:05 GMT
Companies to submit business proposals to build Kochi bunker terminal.

$200m credit line for Rosneftbunker
16 Nov 2010 20:17 GMT
Russian firm in credit line facility agreement with Vnesheconombank.

Project to investigate nuclear propulsion viability
16 Nov 2010 18:01 GMT
Consortium to begin research into the commercial viability of nuclear-powered tankers.

Plan to build LPG terminal at Hambantota
15 Nov 2010 08:42 GMT
LPG supplier intends to construct an all-weather storage and discharge terminal at new Sri Lankan port.

Plan to build LNG fuel supply terminal
12 Nov 2010 07:12 GMT
Terminal is intended to be used to supply LNG fuel to new generation cruise ferry.

Ship paint cuts fuel consumption by 4 percent
09 Nov 2010 16:50 GMT
Sea trials are said to have shown that new paint improves fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions.

Florida terminal to quadruple in size
08 Nov 2010 06:14 GMT
Bunker volumes set to surge as US port pushes ahead with container terminal expansion.

GPSChemoil awards US$100m terminal contract
19 Oct 2010 20:06 GMT
Engineering, procurement and construction project is expected to take two years to complete.

Chennai mega terminal gets go-ahead
13 Oct 2010 08:19 GMT
Volumes set to skyrocket at Chennai with the construction of a new mega container terminal.

Fujairah project enters construction phase
12 Oct 2010 20:19 GMT
Project to build new storage terminal is expected to take around 17 months to complete.

Amsterdam sea terminal 'on schedule'
12 Oct 2010 07:22 GMT
Construction of a new storage terminal in Amsterdam is said to be progressing according to schedule.

Award for emissions control program
11 Oct 2010 18:42 GMT
Program aimed at identifying new emissions reduction technologies receives award.

Jamaican cruise port nears completion
11 Oct 2010 07:57 GMT
Historic Falmouth Cruise Port is expected to open in January 2011.

Design project aims to cut fuel costs by 15%
05 Oct 2010 08:43 GMT
New ferry design initiative targets 15% reduction in fuel consumption.

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